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   Chapter 1517 Not Interested

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Zen thought about it for a few moments, and then decided not to linger anymore.

He rose up ten feet above the ground in a flash, like a graceful eagle soaring high in the air.

Once Zen and the cloaked warrior were gone, the group of warriors who had gathered in the city emerged from the gates like an army of crabs.

Once they had left the city gates, all of them scattered everywhere as they tried their best to stay away from each other.

This was the rule of the Illusion Battlefield.

It was known that once they left the cities, dangers lay ahead.

They could be skilled hunters, but that didn't mean they couldn't become prey to others.

An ordinary-looking ogre warrior rushed out of the city gates along with the other warriors. Once he got out, his lips curved up into a strange smile.

"Purple Flame Explosion!"

Purple-colored flames suddenly exploded from the ogre warrior's body.

The profound Fire Law formed ripple-like flames. The flames then spread outwards, while the ogre stood still in the center.

At that point, more than a hundred warriors had emerged from the city gates already.

When the other ogre warriors sensed what was happening, they all displayed their life vitality or forceful energy and tried to protect themselves from the burning hot purple flames.

However, the purple flames were too powerful, burning the ogres' protective life vitality or forceful energy like it was a thin piece of paper. Their fiery tendrils were like an animal that licked the warriors' bodies.


"These damned flames fucking hurt!"

"Be careful!"

In the blink of an eye, the purple flames had burned all of the warriors.

Some of them used escape techniques and flew into the air. But the faster they moved, the more flames they ignited. They only got to fly about half their intended distance before they burned into ashes, scattering in the air.

Some of them used crystal clear ice shields to block the flames from their bodies, but the power of these flames was beyond imagination. The ice shields they formed instantly melted, and they still got burned to a crisp.

After those warriors died, a beam of red light shot up from everyone's body and flew back to the city.

As for that ogre warrior, he absorbed half of the Illusion Points of the dead.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The ogre warrior stood casually at the city gates with a cold smile. Purple flames slowly pulsed in his palm as he eyed the warriors inside the city.

The ogre warrior's flames had spread to around 10, 000 feet in diameter, but those that spread towards the city vanished completely in a mere second.

At the current stage, the space within this city was still safe. Any attacks would be n

get if I hunt stronger beasts," he murmured.

Zen's figure flashed once more as he leapt onto the hillside and rushed forward at a moderate pace.

If ever he encountered any beasts along the way, then he would attack and kill them.

A vicious beast of the same level as the deer with gray horns would only give Zen one or two Illusion Points. The amount of Illusion Points was negligible, and he did not care about it.

According to the rules of the Illusion Battlefield, the initial accumulation of Illusion Points was not important. After some of the stronger warriors had accumulated enough Illusion Points, Zen would kill them to snatch their points.

Zen could even just lie here and cultivate, or even find a place to sleep.

But he had finally gotten a chance to leave after being trapped in the fairy palace for so many years. Thus, he actually wanted to wander aimlessly around the vast Illusion Battlefield.

Just as Zen slowed down his speed, his eyes suddenly flashed and the corner of his lips slightly curved up.

He paused in mid-air, then turned his head and looked down. "How long are you planning to follow me?"

The wilderness was completely quiet except for his voice, as if there were no other life forms.

"After you accumulate a little more Illusion Points, come and find me again. I am not very interested in you right now," Zen said indifferently, and continued to fly forward.

Three people had been following Zen, so they definitely didn't have the time to accumulate enough Illusion Points. Zen would only earn 150 Illusion Points even if he killed all three of them, so he really wasn't interested.

There was the sound of rough laughter; then three burly figures appeared out of thin air. Three impressive ogre warriors eyed Zen.

"Ha-ha! But we are interested in you!"

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