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   Chapter 1516 Fatten The Opponents

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In response to such a proposal, Zen only smiled.

"Who cares what they say! These trashy people can't spit out anything good!" the cloaked warrior said to Zen.

"My fault," said Zen. Then he said nothing more.

Ezra's face revealed a trace of sullen anger when he saw the attitude of the two human warriors. He pondered for a moment, then took two steps forward, and approached the two with a sinister smile. "You will regret it!"

The cloaked warrior immediately raised his hand to cover his nose. "Honestly, I'm feeling a little bit regretful now!"

Ezra looked confused. He then heard the cloaked warrior continue, "Your mouth stinks too much."

The young ogre lost his composure and now was utterly enraged. Standing upright, he roared to his followers, "You guys follow behind these two. As soon as they step out of the city, kill them without mercy!"

"Yes, young master!"

After hearing Ezra's order, all of the ogre warriors present immediately surrounded Zen and the cloaked warrior.

Two hours quickly passed by.

Right at this moment, the cyan-colored curtain of light surrounding all the cities of the Illusion Battlefield vanished simultaneously.

Witnessing this, many warriors rushed out of the cities. What followed then was an endless slaughter!

"Time's up. Let's go out of the city," the cloaked warrior suggested.

Zen nodded as the two of them sauntered towards the entrance of the city together.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

As Zen stepped forward, he noticed faint red rays of light flying back from the outside of the city.

These rays of light represented those warriors killed outside the city.

According to the rules of the Illusion Battlefield, the body of warrior who was dead would return to a city nearby in the form of a stream of light after it dissipated. Soon after, that warrior would be resurrected.

For most of the young warriors, the Illusion Battlefield was not only a place to compete but also an excellent place to gain experience.

While Zen and the cloaked warrior wandered out of the city at their own pace, two squads of ogre warriors were following them behind. They had been ordered by Ezra to kill them the moment they got out of the city.

However, they didn't know what kind of people these two human warriors were.

"I don't want to fight with you for the time being," the cloaked warrior told Zen. The city gates were right in front of them.

"It doesn't matter. I can wait," Zen replied casually.

"That's good." The cloaked warrior was beaming, very happily.

Usually, when other warriors dashed out of the city gates, they would either rush towards their targets or quickly leave the city. They were all very alert and would never stay in front of the city gates.

However, after the two of them stepped outside of the city gates, they still maintained a slow pace as they moved forward.

The uncaring behavior of these two confused the ogre warriors who were keenly following behind. The ogre warriors originally thought that Ze

s in front were blocking the way, the others behind them were unable to leave the city. As the ogre warriors at the rear end had no idea of what was happening, they began to curse heatedly.

However, no matter how much the warriors behind them cursed and grew impatient, the warriors in front of them refused to budge. In the end, many of them could only choose to leave through other city gates.

Observing this scene, Zen knew that his plan had been foiled. The ogres were no fool. Knowing he and the cloaked warrior were guarding the city gates, they wouldn't recklessly act to let him slaughter them. In the Illusion Battlefield, though their death was not real, they would still suffer by losing part of their Illusion Points.

As if on cue, the two of them looked at each other helplessly and could only turn away from the city gates. However, the two of them quickly headed in different directions.

They both knew that there would be a battle between them in the end, but that moment wasn't the right time. They needed to wait for the opponent to accumulate enough Illusion Points before they could set the match.

The instant Zen turned his back from the city exit, he had chosen a route that allowed him to advance at a leisurely pace. He was reflecting thoughtfully on how to accumulate Illusion Points.

It was downright unrealistic to merely stand at the city gates and wait for the warriors to come out. Killing a warrior would only earn him 50 Illusion Points. And by slaying that same warrior for the second time, the Illusion Points that he would only obtain was 25. This was not the appropriate way to accumulate Illusion Points.

As he mulled over this, Zen's gaze accidentally landed on a mountain peak a short distance away. After pondering for a few moments, he then leaped onto that mountain peak.

"I was in too much of a hurry. The sheep have not gotten fat yet, and the wolves have not gotten fat either. I can wait a little longer until the sheep and wolves all get fat," he murmured.

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