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   Chapter 1515 In The City

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When Zen suddenly opened his eyes, the entire world had undergone an earth-shattering change.

His projection had already entered another world, a humongous Illusion Space.

This sort of massive Illusion Space was equal to fifty supreme worlds!

In reality, the Illusion Space was divided into fifty parts. Each of the parts looked like separate supreme worlds and all the warriors were scattered throughout the fifty supreme worlds.

Zen was currently in a large city inside one of those supreme worlds. The place was packed with warriors from all different races. All of them were at the Soul Sea Realm!

After getting up, Zen looked around at the scenery.

The Illusion Battlefield looked so real that it could be mistaken for a real supreme world. However, the Illusion Battlefield was in a closed state most times and there were only a few chances for warriors to enter it when it opened.

The city before Zen didn't look like a human city.

All the buildings' roofs were painted with just two colors, black and red. There was also a faint red light circulating constantly in the cracks of the buildings. It was the stone materials used for these buildings. The stones contained a layer of flowing magma!

"The ogre's city?" Zen's eyes flashed.

The myriad of warriors from one hundred thousand supreme worlds were also distributed within this Illusion Space according to a certain rule.

Zen was located in the Northern Sky Region which was relatively close to the ogre's city. Thus, there was a huge possibility for him to be distributed in the city of ogres.

Looking around, he noticed that all warriors surrounding him were as tall and sturdy as small mountains. There were only a small number of human warriors and warriors from other races.

Unfriendly gazes showed on the ogre warriors' faces the moment they saw Zen.

However, Zen didn't pay much attention to them.

It didn't matter which region he was in.

The battle of the Illusion Battlefield was only for the strongest young warriors of the entire universe. In other words, everyone had to face trillions of opponents!

Since Zen had to face trillions of Soul Sea Realm warriors, it was no longer important if his opponents were human beings, ogres, or from other races. What was important to him now was to defeat all his opponents and become the sole winner in the Illusion Battlefield.

Zen would think this way, but the other human warriors might not. The human warriors that were assigned to this city all looked extremely morose and depressed.

Some of the human warriors were relatively close to the ogre's territory before they entered the Illusion Battlefield. Such as those human warriors from the sacred place of the Dark World. After they ent

n't help but take two steps back after being intimidated by Zen. It was like an invisible power that pushed him back. When the ogre regained his composure, his face was flushed red. Nonetheless, a trace of fear was already visible in his eyes as he looked at Zen again.

The warrior in the cloak took a deep drag on his pipe and blew out a smoke ring. His eyelids drooped down as if he didn't see what happened.

Just then, another warrior uttered, "What are you doing?"

The one who spoke was an ogre warrior wearing a silver armor. His silver armor seemed to be a rare treasure and judging from its color, it could be ranked as a second-rank divine weapon. It was easy to gauge that the armor was a defensive tool that could even be compared with a secondary first-rank divine weapon.

"Young master Ezra! There are two human warriors here who do not want to follow your orders!" an ogre warrior said.

Ezra, who was a tall and strong ogre, came out of the crowd and looked down at Zen and the warrior in the cloak. He said coldly, "I'll give you two one more chance. Just obey me and line up over there!"

Zen and the warrior in the cloak glanced at each other.

Ezra was as weak as a sheep in their eyes, so they believed that they could easily deal with him.

Zen smiled. "Obey you? What good is there in doing that?"

"I'll let you off after I kill you twice in the Illusion Battlefield!" Ezra responded coldly. It seemed that he regarded killing Zen twice as a mercy to Zen.

The warriors wouldn't really die or leave the Illusion Battlefield after they were 'killed' in the Illusion Battlefield. Instead, they would return to the city to "revive". In Ezra's opinion, killing these foolish humans twice would be an act of kindness. If he had every intention of killing them, he could kill them countless times!

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