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   Chapter 1514 Gathering

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All the talents of the young generation were eagerly rubbing their hands together in anticipation of the opening of the Illusion Battlefield.

The various successors of the world lords and the Supreme Lords were all well prepared.

Some of the hidden supreme divine weapons also changed hands. Although the warriors at the Soul Sea Realm might not be able to use the full strength of the supreme divine weapons, the weapons would help them greatly.

Thoughtless Minds, Blessed Buddha Land, Humanity Alliance, Celestial Position, Demon Night, ogres, Giants, Saya race...

All the Soul Sea Realm warriors from every race of the Upper World would enter the Illusion Battlefield within five days.

Among them, there were some warriors at the Soul Sea Realm who were in dire straits.

For them, this was also an opportunity to change their fates.

For example, a Soul Sea Realm warrior who was trapped in a fearful land of a supreme world and couldn't escape even after hundreds of years of struggle and survival.

However, with the light spot shooting out of the heavens, he could temporarily enter the light spot and avoid the danger in front of his eyes.

The so-called Illusion Battlefield had the same principles as the Illusion Space; the warriors' physical bodies didn't enter the Illusion Battlefield, only their projections did.

But for these warriors, standing in the shadow of the light spot was tantamount to being protected by the heavens. Therefore, no Soul Sea Realm warrior had to worry about the safety of their physical bodies. That simple spot of light meant that the universe had the strictest Law of Causality. Even a Supreme Lord would not be able to break it.

Meanwhile, in a prison in a tenth-grade sacred place of the Demon Night race in a core supreme world, a Demon Night woman's hands were tied to a huge bronze pillar.

Black raindrops occasionally dripped from the ceiling of the prison.

These raindrops had an extremely strong corrosive property. They would form a massive crater if they touched the ground. So naturally, if they fell onto a human's body, they would corrode the human's flesh and blood!

This was an extremely painful punishment for the Demon Night race. Warriors were tied to a bronze pillar and left to rot under the rain. These warriors often had thousands of wounds on their bodies, but even if they were in unbearable pain, they could not choose death. The bronze pillar behind them had a special property as well: the Queen of Life of the Demon Night had personally added the energy of life into it such that after a day of punishment, the bronze pillar would emit strong life energy, causing the Demon Night prisoners to recover completely.

The woman from the Demon Night endured this punishment day after day, year after year. Whether it was her physical body or soul, she suffered unimaginable torture.


ne wrong in all the Illusion Spaces in the universe.

An Illusion Space was not a rare thing. The great sects, sacred places, and races all had their own Illusion Space built for martial artists to cultivate and spar with one another.

But after the opening of the Illusion Battlefield, all the Illusion Spaces had been completely blocked, making it impossible for anyone to enter them.

At the same time, a pyramid began to appear above every Illusion Space.

It was a giant pyramid formed by names.

On this pyramid, the names of all the warriors at the Soul Sea Realm in the 100, 000 supreme worlds were lined next to each other. The number of names on the pyramid was increasing rapidly.

In the entire universe, there were 128 Supreme Lords, over 200, 000 world lords, hundreds of millions of Spirit Transformation Realm powerhouses, and hundreds of billions of Spirit Supreme Realm powerhouses.

As for warriors at the Soul Sea Realm, they existed in trillions.

All the creatures of the 100, 000 supreme worlds were curiously searching for something.

Right now, the Illusion Battlefield had not yet officially begun, so the names on the pyramid were not arranged in any rank or order. They were all gathered at the bottom of the pyramid, and looking for a particular warrior's name was the same as looking for a needle in a haystack.

However, all of the great races, Supreme Lords, and world lords had already set their sights on the pyramid of their own races, hoping to see the names of their races' talents appear at the top!

In these five days, the number of names in the pyramid continued to rise rapidly. Many warriors at the Soul Sea Realm were joining the Illusion Battlefield this time.

Zen sat quietly on the ground, closing his eyes to rest his mind.

120 hours passed. Five days and five nights...

Following the sound of a clear and cold voice, he suddenly opened his eyes.

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