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   Chapter 1512 The Beginning Of The Illusion Battlefield

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Two strange rays of light shot out of Livingston's iron head. They glowed with vigor.

Even though his puppet body was simple and crude, it was still able to express his emotions. The radiance clearly indicated that he was excited.

"How.. how is this possible?" he exclaimed with surprise.

It was hard to believe that this large piece of Star Essence Iron, which was unimaginably heavy, had been picked up by Zen so easily!

It was something beyond Livingston's imagination.

Zen swung the sword embryo in a circle and smiled at Livingston. "Do you also want to give it a try?" He then handed the pincers to Livingston.

Livingston took the pincers from him and discovered that as he held them, he did not feel their weight at all. "What a miracle!" he said. "This tool is extraordinary!"

He had high expectations of the weapon refining workshop and knew that the items here were all special, but still, this miraculous tool exceeded his expectations.

He examined the pincers closely but could not find anything special in them. Livingston failed to understand how the heavy iron became weightless by the tool.

"This pair of pincers is made of the Infinity Stone, so theoretically, it should be able to lift anything, regardless of the weight it has," Saul explained in a flat tone.

"The Heavenly Destiny of Infinity!" Livingston shouted out a strange term at Saul's explanation.

Saul gave him a surprised glance and asked curiously, "What's that?"

"It's the Heavenly Destiny of the last grand era. It was contained in the Crown of Destiny which was obtained by Supreme Lord of Infinity!" Livingston recalled.

The so-called Heavenly Destiny of Infinity was also a Law of Causality. After the Supreme Lord of Infinity grasped such a Law of Causality, he could lift anything, including the sun, the moon, and the stars.

"Oh, that's impressive," Saul responded listlessly. He then turned to Zen. "Zen, my master, you don't have to worry about the weight of the sword. There should still be some Infinity Stones in this workshop. After the Star Essence Iron is shaped into a sword, its hilt can be made out of the Infinity Stone. Then you can use the sword at will."

Zen nodded in agreement.

Judging from the materials alone, it would be nearly impossible for his opponents to destruct and damage this new sword of his.

But how powerful it turned out to be would depend on Livingston's workmanship.

"This is great!"

Livingston was wild with joy. He held the pincers in his hand and toyed with the sword embryo skillfully.


He was so happy that he threw the iron upward and loosened the grip of the pincers at the same time.

"Watch out!" Freya screamed. His outrageous action scared the life out of her.

Although the sword embryo was only four inches long, it weighed more

or the Thoughtless Minds, no Supreme Lords from their group had died previously. The newly obtained Crowns of Destiny undoubtedly enhanced their human force by a wide margin.

The Thoughtless Minds had originally been the greatest force of the human race. They had controlled four thousand supreme worlds. Its leader, the Supreme Lord of Original Sin, was one of the few top-rank Supreme Lords in the universe, and his Heavenly Destiny contained an extremely powerful Law of Causality. After this particular war, two members of the Thoughtless Minds would become Supreme Lords. This fact was the cause of worry for the rest of the races and the other two big human forces — the Humanity Alliance and the Blessed Buddha Land.

Zen, however, knew nothing of these events in the outside world. Since he could not leave the fairy palace, he decided to cultivate in seclusion.

Time went by quickly.

One year.

Two years.

Three years.

Four years.

In the blink of an eye, five years had passed.

To most warriors, five years were almost negligible compared to their long lives.

Freya, for example, was much older than she looked. But for Zen, five years was already a sixth of his past life.

In these five years, Zen experienced three big Heavenly Tribulations, while his cultivation base reached the middle stage of the Soul Sea Realm.

As for the seed of the World Tree, it grew inside Zen's Soul Sea of chaotic energy. A trunk also emerged from the surface of his Soul Sea.

One day, the heavens suddenly shook again.

This time, it was not because a Crown of Destiny had appeared. The one hundred and twenty-eight Supreme Lords were all alive, so no Crowns of Destiny were to appear.

However, the creatures in the one hundred thousand supreme worlds around the universe paid close attention to it.

They knew the Illusion Battlefield was about to begin.

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