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   Chapter 1511 Star Essence Iron

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The sword embryo was a piece of the Star Essence Iron that had been forged before. As soon as Livingston's eyes landed on it, they were glued to it.

The sword embryo was not a refined one. It had been absorbing the flames from the furnace for many years, so it exuded a rainbow-colored light.

The craft of weapon refining was very complicated.

The process involved lots of steps, and refining a high-grade weapon needed more operations. The higher the grade of the weapon, the more intricate the process of refining it.

The most crucial step of refining a weapon was smelting the metal.

Many unimaginable materials existed in this world, such as the Star Essence Iron, which was derived from a star known as the 'Dark Star'. The Dark Star was very small and it could not shine, so it was tough to locate it.

Every substance made out of the Dark Star was surprisingly heavy.

Even a piece of it the size of a fingertip could weigh as much as a hundred thousand mountains. Undoubtedly, the Star Essence Iron weighed a lot more.

It was almost indestructible.

Even if someone was to obtain a piece of the Star Essence Iron, it would be difficult to preserve it. After all, it was too heavy.

Once upon a time, a peerless master had taken a piece of the Star Essence Iron from the bare Dark Star, but he had no way of keeping it. When this piece fell to the ground, it directly penetrated into the earth, forming a small but bottomless hole.

Storing the Star Essence Iron was indeed asking for trouble. Once, someone had tried to place it into the Sumeru Space, but the weight of it instantly broke through and smashed the space.

However, such a problem could not defeat humans. The warriors of this universe were brave in the face of all difficulties and tried to figure out the solutions to them with their endless efforts.

It had happened that once, someone used a weaker material to create a bracket and then placed the Star Essence Iron on the top of the bracket. Three hundred thousand giant logs were then used to build up a huge chassis under the bracket to support the iron's weight, with eight million divine textures placed around it as well.

The bracket finally succeeded in holding the Star Essence Iron. The eight million divine textures were simultaneously activated and supported the huge chassis as well as the bracket to hold the Star Essence Iron.

Before this activation, when the piece of Star Essence Iron was placed onto the bracket, the entire chassis sunk thousands of feet deep into the ground due to the massive weight, forming a huge crater.

It was only after activating the eight million divine textures and forming a powerful floating force that the ch

ade out of wood?" Curiosity was all over Zen's features.

Many people knew that fire and wood neutralized each other. A metal pair of pincers would melt in these rainbow-colored flames. Would this wooden pair of pincers not burn in an instant?

"Master, you can try first," Saul said with a smile.

Zen nodded quietly. He reached to take the pair of pincers and was dumbstruck when he held it. "Eh? This pair of pincers... It's weightless!"

Everything in this world had weight.

Even the air had weight. The clouds floating in the sky turned into water upon condensing. The weight of the water was then equal to the weight of the clouds. Similarly, although paper and feathers were all very light, they still had a certain amount of weight.

However, the pair of pincers in Zen's hand was actually weightless. He did not feel as if he was holding something light in his hands. It was like he was not holding anything at all. The pair of pincers was entirely without weight.

Saul laughed, "Master, you can try to lift the embryo with this pair of pincers."

Zen was curious as he looked at the pair of pincers. Since Saul had requested him to try to lift the sword embryo with it, he stuck the pair of pincers into the furnace with some hesitation. It then clamped onto the sword embryo.

As it did so, a strange sensation spread through Zen's hands.

At this moment, it was as if the sword embryo had lost its weight as well. With a gentle lift of the pair of pincers, the sword embryo lifted like it was a feather. Zen quickly pulled it out of the furnace.

The sword embryo, glinting with rainbow-colored light, had not been refined. It had a coarse surface and looked nothing special. It was no doubt that the sword embryo could be processed and forged into a peerless divine weapon.

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