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   Chapter 1510 The Weapon-Refining Workshop

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Zen was running at top speed along the True Path.

The second half of the third section of the True Path had been secretly changed by Gus. He himself was the only test.

Now that Zen had defeated Gus, the Dark and Light energies no longer condensed, and there was no longer any resistance. Therefore, Zen passed through the rest of the path with ease.

Not long after, Freya, Livingston, and the others appeared in front of Zen.

After he passed through the True Path, a white light flashed in the sky as the dense fog dissipated. Then, it slowly descended. It was a token of the fairy palace.

Everyone's gazes, including Zen's, were focused on the token.

Livingston screamed out, "A token! Is this the token used for opening the weapon refining workshop?"

When it came to this adventure along the True Path, Livingston was the one who cared the most about the result.

Saul said in his usual emotionless voice, "Except the tokens of heaven and earth, it could be any of the other six tokens. Weapon refining needs fire, so the token of fire is related to the weapon refining workshop. It's only a one-in-six chance."

"A one-in-six chance!" exclaimed Livingston, shaking his metallic head. This probability was neither high nor low, and it immediately made him feel excited.

The corners of Zen's lips curved up slightly. To him, anything was fine as long as the tokens didn't repeat themselves.

As the token slowly descended, Zen reached his hand out to grab it and flipped it over.

"What token is it?" Livingston waved his sharp claws, looking extremely excited.

Zen gently waved his hand and, with a smile, showed the token to Livingston. On the front of the token, the word "fire" was impressively carved in large letters.

Livingston tossed his head back in a howl of berserk laughter. "It really is the token of fire! Luck is on my side. The heavens have given me what I want!"

Freya, Lavender, and even Saul couldn't help but roll their eyes at Livingston.

The fairy palace was a place that surpassed the heavens. The things above the heavens had nothing to do with Livingston's luck.

If anything, this was Zen's luck.

After obtaining the token of fire, the group walked back to the main courtyard of the fairy palace and followed the path in the pavilion. As Zen activated the token in his hand, the door to the weapon refining workshop opened.

Zen was the first to enter, and Livingston, who could hardly wait, followed right behind him.

After entering the workshop, Zen looked around in surprise.

There were

e had expanded by more than ten times.

"Yes, it's one of the three most perfect flames. By 'perfect, ' I mean that they are the most suitable for weapon refining. Other than the mixed element flame, there are two other perfect flames. One is the Sun Spring essence flame, and the other is the divine flame. These two types of perfect flames are not easily obtainable. It is said that the Sun Spring essence flame exists exclusively in the Sun Spring. As for the divine flame, it is said that it is born within the Divine Flame Cauldron."

At first, Zen had no interest in Livingston's answer.

However, when Livingston mentioned the Divine Flame Cauldron, Zen's eyes suddenly flashed.

It turned out that the black flame within the Divine Flame Cauldron was the divine flame, one of the three perfect flames.

Livingston, however, didn't notice the change in Zen's expression and continued to impart his knowledge to the others even though he himself had only learned these things a while ago.

While he was speaking, his eyes fell on a nearby weapon refining furnace.


Livingston casually threw away the Primeval Death Spirit Wood in his hand and rushed toward the furnace, which was placed in a corner of the workshop.

It had a very unique shape; the bottom was thin and the top was thick. It looked like a large wine pot, with the mouth missing.

Livingston threw himself at the furnace and opened the door at the side of the furnace. Soon, a rainbow-colored light shot out from within. Surprisingly, the furnace was still burning, and there was a red-hot sword embryo lying inside.

Obviously, the sword embryo had been burned for hundreds of millions of years in the furnace.

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