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   Chapter 1509 The Endless Divine Land

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Zen's goal now was to pass the third section of the True Path.

Gus had ambushed him in the third section.

Although Zen believed that Gus was his master's second disciple, he did not hold back at all.

Gus was too strong. If Zen gave him a chance, Zen might lose to him.

Right now, Gus could no longer fight back, so it was a good time to have a talk, like he had suggested earlier.

Seeing Zen's cunning smile, Gus rolled his eyes. "How could you treat me like this?" he asked in anger.

He had been bullied by his master's first apprentice for a number of years. Now that he had met the third apprentice, he thought he would turn the situation around in his favor. To his chagrin, however, Zen fought him fiercely at their very first meeting. It disgusted Gus to no end.

Zen's smile grew an inch wider. "Is this what you want to talk about?" He held the Thunder Wind Divine Sword in his hand as he spoke, as if ready to cut Gus' head off at any moment.

"Of course not." Gus was unhappy to a great extent.

Zen paused for some time and asked, "What exactly do you want to say?"

"You know what, I did this for your own good. In any case, we have the same master," Gus said in despair. "If our senior fellow disciple comes to know about this, he may decide to punish me again."

Zen continued to look indifferently at Gus, not saying a word.

"You're a member of the fairy palace, but you've only cultivated the Primal Chaos Technique. Your other cultivation methods don't originate from the library, correct?" Gus asked.

Zen nodded slowly. He was not sure how Gus knew of it, but he had indeed not chosen to cultivate the other cultivation methods in the library.

There were all kinds of martial arts in the library; even the Transcendent Divine Might was commonly seen, but Zen believed that he was suited the best only to certain cultivation methods. In addition to the Primal Chaos Technique, he had only read books on the Original Laws in the library.

"Ah, what a waste! You have many treasures, but you don't make good use of them." Gus heaved a sigh, curling his lips in distaste.

"Hey, your body is fast disappearing. Could you just get to the point?" Zen reminded him.

The Dark and Light energies had transformed into Gus' body. Now that he was severely injured, the part of the body above his chest was slowly dissipating back into Dark and Light energies.

However, Gus himself did not care a bit. He continued, "This wisp of my soul isn't able to tell your fortune. But as my master's disciple, if you can't even cross the heavens, it's a joke. To be honest, if y

ere is nothing under the heavens that I cannot know, except those without destiny. That is the only explanation to this." The boy frowned as he stared at his fingers. He glared at Gus and continued," You have cultivated the special vision technique and a wisp of your soul fragment alone can tell the fortunes of others. Since you met him in the fairy palace, why didn't you tell his fortune?"

"Well..." An innocent expression appeared on Gus' face. "Brother, I have recommended three cultivation methods to him."

"That's not enough! What a good-for-nothing!" The boy gently patted the cyan ox and it struggled a few times before standing on its feet. "I am leaving."

As he finished speaking, the cyan ox lifted its four hooves and soared into the sky.

Just then, Gus remembered something. He smacked his head. "Brother, there's one more thing! As far as I know, our little brother cultivates the Emotion Closing Godly Way."

"The Emotion Closing Godly Way?" The boy turned around with a thoughtful expression on his face. "Isn't he only at the Soul Sea Realm?"

Gus shrugged. "I too find it strange. He has mastered much of the Emotion Closing Godly Way. When my soul fragment transformed into a Soul Sea Realm warrior, it was killed by his sword intent!"

"You are truly useless." Saying this dismissive statement, the boy swiftly left with his ox.

Gus was visibly upset as he watched his brother leave. He sat down on the top of the building, looking sulky.

Over the years, he had always been looked down upon by his senior fellow disciple. By now he was accustomed to it.

However, a faint smile soon emerged on his face. If Zen could cross the heavens in the future, he would have a little brother to bully too!

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