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   Chapter 1508 Emotion Closing Godly Way

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At this moment, the power contained within the sword intent caused Gus' expression to change drastically. Stunned, he cried out inwardly.

Almost in an instant, he let go of the sword in his hand and leaned backward, trying to avoid the daunting sword intent.

But when Zen truly launched the power of the 'Gods-intimidating Strike', even Zen himself would not be able to control the strong power it contained.

The piercing sword intent went straight for Gus and impaled his chest. It pierced through his chest, as if it had not encountered any physical resistance whatsoever. The sword intent escaped out of his back. Golden blood blossomed into golden flowers, morphing into the Dark and Light energies that gradually dissipated.

"You should have done that a long time ago!" In the distance, Freya stared at this scene in front of her. The corner of her mouth slightly curled up and she let out a long sigh of relief.

Regardless of the level of Zen's true strength, in Freya's heart, he was already invincible.

Aside from the fact that Zen was unable to fight world lords and Supreme Lords, when had he ever suffered a loss while facing a Soul Sea Realm or Spirit Supreme Realm warrior?

Freya's insight was naturally inferior to that of Lavender. It was even inferior to Livingston's. Livingston was indeed immersed in the path of weapon refining, but he had also been a powerful world lord back then.

When Livingston and Lavender had seen Gus materialize, they realized that he exuded profound strength. Although he had only been at the Soul Sea Realm, they felt that Zen was in trouble.

But how could Freya feel that?

She only saw that the young man was unarmed, yet he had snatched away Zen's sword two or three times in succession. Zen, meanwhile, had almost no strength to fight back!

When she saw Zen continuously suffer setbacks, she had been incredibly nervous. She also hated Gus. He had known Zen was his junior fellow disciple, yet he attacked ruthlessly. Clearly, Gus was not a very righteous person.

However, it was not long before she saw Zen unleash the astonishing sword attack, injuring Gus. Her heartbeat finally returned to normal.

The smile on Gus' face had frozen.

Even though he was only at the Soul Sea Realm, his eyes were sharp.

When Zen unleashed his sword intent, Gus realized that it was passed down in the Emotion Closing Godly Way.

The specialty of the Emotion Closing Godly Way was decisive killing. The instant one executed a sword move, one could completely close off all his or her emotions.

However, one usually had access to the edge of the Emotion Closing Godly Way only after becoming a world lord. Even a Supreme Lord would not be able to display the full extent of the Emotion Closing Godly Way, but the aura contained within Zen's sword strike seemed to have reflected that.

'Is this boy truly only at the Soul Sea Realm?'

Gus suspected that Zen was

ons than ordinary puppets. "I never thought that Gus would find it hard to tackle Zen!" he said.

Freya looked at Saul curiously, thought for a while, and said, "Wasn't it obvious? Zen has a weapon, but Gus... he is unarmed, and he is also just at the Soul Sea Realm." She had originally wanted to point out that Gus was already coping well, being at the early stage of the Soul Sea Realm. He was still able to fight Zen to this extent. However, right now she was inside the fairy palace, which she felt was extraordinary in itself and it intimidated her. She was too embarrassed to retort to Saul.

Saul gave her a small smile and said, "You don't understand. Gus possesses the bloodline of a king of the Sacred race and is considered a top existence in the race. My master took him in as a disciple, so how could he be weak? You treat him as an ordinary warrior at the Soul Sea Realm? Pah!"

The 'master' that Saul was referring to was naturally Zen's master as well.

Even though Lavender, Livingston, and Freya were not aware of Gus's origins, Saul knew of it all too well.

As someone who had surpassed the heavens, Gus was now someone who could secure a place even in the world above the heavens. Even though he was only at the early stage of the Soul Sea Realm now, in fact, he should still be much stronger than Zen.

However, Saul was only expressing his feelings. If his master were to come to know of Zen's strength, he would be extremely pleased. As for the fight on the True Path, Saul would naturally not stop it.


Some more golden blood spurted out.

By now, Zen had chopped up most of Gus's body into pieces. His body parts turned into Dark and Light energies and gradually diffused in the air.

Only his head and upper body were left on the ground now. He could not dodge the attacks any more.

However, Zen's offense slowed down. He walked up to Gus and squatted down, saying, "Speak. Now we can have a good talk."

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