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   Chapter 1507 Gods-intimidating Strike

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A mouthful of golden blood sprayed forth from Gus' mouth.

The Dark and Light energies were very special, and the life form which they created was no different from a real one.

Gus extended his hand to wipe away the golden blood from the corner of his mouth. A peculiar light flashed through his eyes as he looked at Zen with new respect.

"Master always has sharp instincts. You are a talented warrior," Gus commended him. He stood up, regaining his feet and checked his own status. "However, to be able to be accepted by Master as a disciple, one has to be one in a million. Our eldest fellow disciple is a super talent too. But Zen, I don't think that you can possibly defeat me. I will give you one more chance. Give me a salute, and—"

Before he could finish speaking, Zen had already turned around. He controlled his sword which was not in his hand with his mind and made it fly towards Gus. Meanwhile, he himself was flying towards the finishing point of the True Path. He was too bored by this senseless prattle to listen to this fellow.

Seeing Zen's flying figure, Gus gnashed his teeth and chased after him in hot pursuit.

Ever since he had become a disciple of his master, Gus had been constantly bullied by his eldest fellow disciple.

Back then, his master had been in his prime years and had wanted to find a successor for his two outstanding cultivation methods.

His master's first disciple had joined their sect only a few hundred years before Gus did. And because of the gap of a few hundred years, Gus had been bullied by him for countless more years, and he still hadn't been able to turn the tables, even now.

If this went on, the possibility of him repaying the insults and tortures of the past, would be very small in the future indeed.

Now that he had finally found a junior fellow disciple, how could he let him go?

If his original body came into being, he would naturally then be bullying the weak. With Gus' true strength, a single glance would have been enough to instantly kill Zen.

However, this body formed by the Dark and Light energies had the same level of cultivation as Zen. This leveled the playing field.

"Don't run! Zen!" Gus suddenly leapt into the air and his strange figure flashed into succession as he easily overtook Zen and appeared in front of him.

"Get out of the way!"

Zen similarly jumped up and circled around him. His sword also arrived at his side. Then, he grabbed onto it and suddenly thrust it at Gus.

Zen's strength exploded out completely in the tremendous strike that followed.

He was in a different situation than Gus. His only goal was to pass through the True Path. If Gus wanted to provoke him, then Zen would kill him without hesitation.

Gus looked at Zen's sword and a calm smile spread over his face. Although he was only at the early stage of the Soul Sea Realm and was about the same level as Zen, the difference in experience between the two was far greater.

"This strike is not bad! Master doesn't use a sword, so you must have figure

sword intent was now attached to the Thunder Wind Divine Sword.

The Gods-intimidating Strike was extremely powerful. When it was used by a Supreme Lord, it could even injure a True God.

However, this was not the most terrifying part of the Gods-intimidating Strike. In the history of the universe, countless talents had created many miraculous martial skills, some of which were extremely terrifying. Combined with the Laws of Causality of some Supreme Lords, they might not be weaker than the Gods-intimidating Strike.

However, either the cost to use these heaven-defying martial skills was enormous, or the time needed to prepare was extremely long. Either way, it was not a swift battle tactic.

When warriors fought each other, the long period of preparation for a martial skill was also a major flaw. It could not be used to fend off an immediate attack.

However, the Gods-intimidating Strike was very special. It did not even require a brewing process, and it could be performed at will. That alone made it intimidating to not just the gods.

When Zen entered the state of abandoning all of his emotions, his sword was suddenly thrust out.

"Do you still dare to take it head on?"

After he finished speaking, Zen's sword had already arrived in front of Gus.

Gus had already seen that Zen's sword attack this time was extraordinary, but how could he willingly show his fear? He continued to extend his hands, intending to receive Zen's sword blow with the same force as before.

The sword blade was again received by Gus.

But at the same time that he caught Zen's sword, the powerful sword intent left the blade and continued to charge straight at him.

"Gods-intimidating Strike!"

This sword strike could cut through the heavens, destroy tens of thousands of laws, and even exterminate a True God. It was unstoppable.

It was true that Zen had displayed such terrifying power, as he had already comprehended 99% of this sword technique. How many people at the same level could contend against him?

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