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   Chapter 1506 Gus

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Zen's silhouette flew through the air, his sword light like wheels of light.

Although these Sacred elite warriors had their own consciousness and techniques, Zen was able to easily kill them without much effort.

Within five minutes, he had travelled nearly half the distance on the True Path.

Freya, Livingston, Lavender, and Saul stood at the starting point of the True Path in silence as they watched Zen fight.

"Zen's cultivation speed is not slow. Two years ago, he was only at the first grade of Life and Death Realm," Saul commented. In truth, Zen had not relied on his own strength to pass the second stage of the True Path two years ago.

Freya glanced at Saul furtively. In two years, Zen had crossed a great realm! Yet Saul's only conclusion was that Zen's cultivation speed was not slow. In her eyes, his cultivation speed was pretty unbelievable. Back then, she had expended a country's resources in order to break through that realm.

Lavender nodded in approval. "It is indeed not slow, but it is still not enough. Isn't the Illusion Battlefield about to open? Before Zen enters the battlefield, his strength will need to increase even more!"

As for Livingston, he stood frozen as he watched Zen. He did not care whether or not Zen had improved or how much he must improve further. He only cared for the weapon refining workshop in the fairy palace.

In just a few moments, each of the Sacred elite warriors had been eliminated by Zen.

Strangely, the Dark and Light energies on the True Path did not condense again. Zen was the only one running on the path.

"How is the third stage so easy to pass?" A look of doubt passed Zen's face.

Zen naturally would not miss the chance to pass through the True Path. Since there was no resistance, his speed increased a bit.

However, the situation did not last for long. After a while, the Dark and Light energies slowly began to circulate and gather once again. This time, they gathered at a single point. Ever so slowly, they morphed into a person.

"Who is it? Who's there?" A grave look marred Zen's features as he took in the human figure. There was no way that such a flaw would appear on the True Path. This person must indeed be strong.

Not long after, the human form became more and more distinct. It was a young man dressed in cotton clothes. His hands and feet were bare, and he did not hold any weapons in his hands.

"A warrior at the early stage of Soul Sea Realm?"

Zen was puzzled as he sized up his opponent. The cultivation level of this young man was almost the same as his. Previously, the elite warriors from the Sacred race he had

only have been formed through the Dark and Light energies, and I might only be at the Soul Sea Realm, but I think you will find yourself unable to pass through me. If you show me some respect and just answer my question, I will let you pass unharmed."

As he spoke, he got closer and closer, now only a few feet away from Zen.

"That sounds like a good idea." Zen smiled. "But I don't want to do that."

As he spoke, Zen's sword light flashed, a chilling blue light leaking from the Thunder Wind Divine Sword, straight toward Gus' head.



Gus' feet were as if nailed to the ground, and his body did not move at all. Instead, he leaned to the side. He tapped at the Thunder Wind Divine Sword slightly, and it began to violently tremble once again and left Zen's hand.

Zen seemed to have expected this move. He did not pursue his sword. Instead, with the power of over ten thousand dragon scales that had poured themselves into his two fists, he threw two punches at Gus with all his might.

"Hey now, Zen. Get this right. I am from the Sacred race. The difference in power between you and me is—"


Gus did not take Zen's attack seriously. He chuckled, about to be at the receiving end of both of Zen's fists. He merely swung one hand out.

It was not that Gus looked down upon Zen. The Sacred race had originally been a perfect race. It was the origin of all primates. Humans had been born out of the Sacred race and had inherited some of their strength.

However, Gus did not expect the formidable power stored in Zen's fists. After all, Zen was only at the Soul Sea Realm. Before Gus knew it, he was sent flying backward by Zen's fists. He didn't drop to the ground until he had flown thousands of feet in the air.

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