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   Chapter 1505 Embark On True Path Once Again

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The audience in the universe reflected on the story that Zen told them.

Of course, not all living creatures liked to listen to such things.

Many martial artists needed to cultivate in seclusion and not be disturbed at all. Once they had cultivated to a critical point, a single disturbance could cause their cultivation to go berserk.

The sound of the Roaring Token was unstoppable in the entire universe. Whether it was deep underground or far into the sky, it could be heard without any obstructions. There was no way to resist it.

The Supreme Lords had only a few Roaring Tokens. Normally, only one of them would be used in a day. Sometimes, they did not use it even once in fifteen days. Even so, once it rang out, it was not a small risk to the martial artists undergoing a tribulation or breaking through their bottlenecks, for it could possibly jeopardize their tasks.

But now, Zen had used the Roaring Token to tell a story, and he narrated it for several hours.

It was torture enough for these martial artists.

Some practitioners had even given up on their training. They became resentful of Zen.

However, the lifetime worth of these martial artists might not be enough to purchase a Roaring Token. Even if they were angry, Zen would not be able to hear them.

Not long after he finished telling his story, Zen heard a series of clanging sounds behind him. He turned to see Livingston rushing toward him speedily. In the blink of an eye, Livingston used his hands to grab onto Zen's arms and said in an excited tone, "Z-Zen..."

"What is it?" A strange expression appeared on Zen's face.

"I...I..." Livingston continued to gesticulate frantically, unable to speak clearly. After a long while, he finally said, "Can you open that weapon refining workshop? Immortal Book said that you could do it!"

To open the workshop, Zen had to embark on the True Path once again. He could obtain a token immediately after passing a stage of the True Path.

Zen's current cultivation and strength had improved by quite a bit. He was confident that he would be able to take another step forward in the True Path. Perhaps, he might even be able to take two steps forward.

However, the tokens he obtained from roaming about the True Path would be randomly distributed. In addition to the token required to open the weapon refining workshop, there were also tokens for the pill refining workshop, as well as the training tower. Zen could not guarantee for certain that he would get his hands on the one required for the weapon refining workshop.

Therefore, he smiled faintly and said, "This time, as I've returned to the fairy palace, I will certainly try to overcome the True Path once again. However, I can't guarantee you that I'll be able to open the weapon refining workshop."

Clang! After hearing Zen's answer, Livingston fell to the ground. A

d too much. His cultivation was still too low, so he needed to train more.


As he slowly brandished his sword, dozens of Nether God Shadows escaped from it. They went in different directions to encounter the Sacred martial artists.

Pfft, pfft, pfft...

As the Nether God Shadows closed in on the Sacred martial artists, they easily tore their opponents to shreds, quickly turning them into Dark and Light energies.

Zen was aware that it would not be difficult for him at the beginning of the third stage of the True Path.

Just the Nether God Shadows themselves were enough to tear apart the Sacred martial artists. He maintained his speed and continued forward.

However, after about five minutes, the strength of the Sacred martial practitioners formed by the Dark and Light energies seemed to increase. Almost all of the martial artists who appeared before him were at the late stage of the Soul Sea Realm.

"Elites from Sacred race?" Zen's gaze darkened as he stared at them.

These warriors from Sacred race were clad in golden armors, with exquisite patterns carved onto them. They held all kinds of divine weapons in their hands. It was obvious that they were unlike the Sacred warriors whom he had encountered before.

The punches of the Nether God Shadows were far less effective than those of the elites. The elites easily cleaved the Nether God Shadows into pieces and then circled round Zen.

Facing the first Sacred elite, who rushed at him, Zen wielded the Thunder Wind Divine Sword in his hand.


A crisp sound rang out. Zen's face revealed some surprise. His sword attack had been blocked by a Sacred elite, who was using a halberd!

Zen snorted dismissively and turned his sword in a soft motion. His weapon flashed like lightning as it went around the elite's neck. When a spurt of golden blood squirted out, Zen's figure was already a thousand feet away.

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