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   Chapter 1504 Tell A Story (Part Two)

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Even though he was giving an account of this story directly to the mysterious girl, the living beings in the universe had no way to steer clear of the sound of the Roaring Token. For that reason, trillions of lives were forced to listen in on his story.

It was the first time that a man was heard telling a story to all living beings in the universe.

Zen read it aloud part by part based from his memory. In dribs and drabs, his attention became riveted on the story.

In all sincerity, this story was indeed truly captivating.

It was about the tale of a woman from the State of Yue whose husband had been falsely incriminated by a traitor. Because of that, she made an oath to make the culprit pay at all costs. The chain of events kept a lot of the listeners on the edge of their seat.

Zen had been at it for two hours already without stopping, yet he had barely even covered half of the overall story.

"The woman's sword attack brought about a series of events..."

At this point in the story, it had come to its most crucial juncture.

Every creature that could breathe in the universe were idly listening to Zen's supposedly gripping story. But because of the varying cultures and languages all over the universe, there were bound to be a few of those who might not have the faintest idea what he was blabbering about.

Be that as it might, a great deal of creatures had been listening to it attentively. And it wasn't just the ordinary mortals, but even Soul Sea Realm warriors, world lords, and even a number of Supreme Lords who had been pricking their ears, tuning in to Zen's story.

When he finally stopped talk

er about an hour, he raised the Roaring Token once again.

"Now I'm ready to continue where we left off. After that unforeseeable event which had befallen her husband, she didn't give a damn about her own life anymore..."

The rest of the story was narrated for six hours straight. When it finally got to the exceedingly tragic but beautiful scene, even Zen himself couldn't help but feel touched deep inside. It was quite possible that the cultivation base and strength of the martial artists of the great world weren't strong enough, but whoever it was who managed to put out such a compelling story without a doubt possessed great talent.

By the time the story finally reached its conclusion, the mysterious girl could clearly be heard weeping. As it turned out, she was actually moved by the final plot of the story. And it should go without saying that she wasn't the only one who felt that way. Truth be told, a lot of creatures who had been paying close attention to the story felt so touched as well, but it was just that they didn't have a Roaring Token to cry their hearts out.

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