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   Chapter 1503 Tell A Story (Part One)

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'Seriously? Ask around? A condition?'

Zen was about to put away the Roaring Token when he heard the girl's words. A glimmer of hope then appeared in his eyes and his whole body turned frigid without warning.

He ended up grabbing the Roaring Token and activated it!

"So, you're going to lend me a hand?" Zen asked, feeling a bit enthusiastic.

"Yes, but the best I can do is to ask around for you. There's no telling whether I'll actually be able to find Yan or not," the peculiar girl replied.

"You mentioned something about having one condition. What is the condition?" Zen asked again, with his stomach about to be tied into knots.

Right now, lots of things were running through his head as he tried to weigh things out. What kind of demands could this mysterious girl ask for?

He would do what he could. The thing was, at the moment, he couldn't really leave this fairy palace. If this mysterious girl would require him to take care of a few things, he might end up failing to complete his mission, which could be quite problematic for him. But he would try to come up with something. This was about Yan. There was no way he would give up that easily.

After a period of silence, the mysterious girl let out a soft chuckle, "There is only one condition. I want you to tell me a story. I'll die of boredom staying here!"


The second he heard her request, Zen quickly planted his forehead into the ground.

Slowly lifting his head up from the floor, he was at sixes and sevens whether he should laugh or cry.

With another shrug of her shoulders, Lavender flatly remarked, "As I've said before, this woman is stupid."

But it wasn't just Zen who had no idea if he should laugh or cry. Apar

ese stories began surging toward him like a tidal wave. With the size of the great world he had come from, it was a given that there were a great many stories which even Zen had never read or heard of.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that the story that was being passed on the most from generation to generation in the great world he was from was also the most well-known.

The story was entitled "The Heroic Wife." He ultimately decided to pick that one.

Upon activating the Roaring Token, Zen stated, "If you can really help me find a way to get to Yan, then I'd gladly tell you a great story!"

"Of course," the mysterious girl softly responded.

"A long time ago, there was a mountain known by all as the Mountain of Lady Yue. At the very foot of the mountain..."

This story "The Heroic Wife" in particular took place around a millennia ago. It had been widely spread all throughout the four divine kingdoms. Zen had never actually read it before in his life, and now, he was reading it word for word as he perceived in from the memories in his head. His faint voice could be heard resounding in every part of the vast universe.

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