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   Chapter 1502 How To Obtain A Satisfying Heavenly Destiny (Part Two)

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Since he had merely obtained a low-rank Law of Causality, he would only be a low-rank Supreme Lord his entire life.

And because of this, the Celestial Position members killed him.

Following this, the Supreme Lord who carried the Heavenly Destiny of Rebirth resurrected him.

After he died, the heavens shook and the Crown of Destiny dissipated. After being revived, he became a world lord again.

Not long after, the Crown of Destiny appeared again, and was captured yet again by the Celestial Position race. This man carried the Heavenly Destiny again but was still not satisfied as the second Law of Causality he had obtained was still a low-rank one.

The members of the Celestial Position killed him, and the Supreme Lord revived him again. He then carried the Heavenly Destiny again.

The Celestial Position race had made full use of this rule to obtain all sorts of strange Laws of Causality.

For example, he had obtained a Law of Causality that could see through everyone and a Law of Causality that could control the movements of stars. He had once even obtained the Heavenly Destiny of Sound. It was similar to a Roaring Token and could make his voice heard across the whole universe. The Roaring Token was a precious treasure, but if a Supreme Lord's special talent was the same as a Roaring Token, this was not acceptable.

Most Crowns of Destiny wouldn't be of much use to the Celestial Position race.

This had been repeated 13 times, and the Crown of Destiny also dissipated and was reborn 13 times. On the fourteenth time, the Celestial Position race finally obtained a top-rank Law of Causality, which was also the strongest one in the universe. It finally allowed this world lord to become a top-rank Supreme Lord.

He had finally become the leader

. They could only swallow the humiliation and say nothing in return.

"Ha-ha!" Zen laughed at the girl's answer.

"What are you laughing at?" The girl turned her attention to Zen.

Zen smiled and said, "Nothing. Hey, can you do me a favor?"

What Zen had never expected was the girl to take the lead before he could say anything. "Looking for Yan Luo, right?" she said.

Zen's heart sped up at the indication that she knew something.

"Yes, I am looking for a woman called Yan Luo. Do you know where she is?" Although his voice was calm, truth was that he was extremely excited, and it was hard to conceal his excitement.

But the girl's next sentence filled Zen with disappointment.

"I don't know. It's just that you said that you were looking for her the last time," she said, seeming to sense Zen's mood.

At this, not only were the Supreme Lords infuriated, even Zen wanted to scold her.

Lavender snorted. She looked up at the sky and said, "Ignore her. She's just another stupid woman!"

Zen shrugged and prepared to put away the Roaring Token. But the mysterious girl said something that stopped him short. "I can ask around for you. But I have a condition."

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