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   Chapter 1501 How To Obtain A Satisfying Heavenly Destiny (Part One)

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"Hi guys. I seem to have missed something interesting."

It was the laughter of a young girl.

Zen had heard this voice before. The first time he had used the Roaring Token, this girl had replied to him and sung a beautiful song.

She had then fallen silent for more than a year.

But at this moment, the young girl's voice unexpectedly resounded throughout the universe.

"No big deal. I was just surrounded and attacked by a bunch of Supreme Lords," Zen replied with his Roaring Token.

He was just surrounded and attacked by a bunch of Supreme Lords?

Zen's indifferent tone rendered all the intelligent creatures in the universe speechless

and angered the Supreme Lords who were rushing back to their own races. But what difference did it make? It was impossible to pull Zen out of the fairy palace, and they could do nothing about it.

Zen not only had an indestructible space treasure, he also had a Roaring Token that could be used an unlimited number of times. They were upset enough that they couldn't do anything about Zen, and now he was even bragging about it.

The Supreme Lords felt a grievance they had never felt before.

"Awesome!" the mysterious girl praised.

Zen looked on indifferently as he placed the Roaring Token before him.

He wouldn't respond to the girl if it wasn't absolutely necessary. He had nothing to do with her, and the two of them had only communicated with each other once by using their Roaring Tokens.

But Zen understood that the Roaring Token in the girl's hand could be used an unlimited number of times, just like his own.

Zen's Roaring Token was given to him by his master and was not a product of the current round of heavens. The Roaring Token in his hand and the fairy palace were both products that surpassed the heavens.

Thus, Zen guessed that this girl was

aw of Causality, they could take a leap and become a top-rank Supreme Lord, the strongest in the entire universe. This could change the fate of an entire race.

The Celestial Position race had used this rule to become the top race in the universe.

In the beginning, there were two Supreme Lords in the Celestial Position race. One of them carried the Heavenly Destiny of Rebirth.

The corresponding Law of Causality of the Heavenly Destiny of Rebirth could revive those who had died.

This Law of Causality was not particularly strong and didn't have much of an effect during battles.

But back then, in the Celestial Position race, an extremely powerful world lord had appeared and received the title of the golden Celestial Position from the Talent Tablet. This world lord had been waiting for a long time for the chance to obtain a Crown of Destiny and carry the Heavenly Destiny.

This world lord had waited for close to 200, 000 years when one of the Supreme Lords finally died, and the world lord seized his chance. The members of the Celestial Position had successfully obtained the Crown of Destiny for him. The world lord had successfully carried the Heavenly Destiny, but the result wasn't satisfactory.

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