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   Chapter 1500 Heading North

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Supreme Lord Myles was the only one who had survived among the five Supreme Lords.

However, his aura was declining and his face was as pale as a sheet right at this moment.

As a mid-rank Supreme Lord, his strength might be slightly higher than the other four Supreme Lords. Nonetheless, one's strength was no longer important in such a chaotic battle. The only thing he relied on to survive was a wisp of luck.

Supreme Lord Myles stared at the grain of sand with lingering fear. He had to admit that Zen truly had the qualifications to be so arrogant by relying on the fairy palace.

All of the Supreme Lords deliberately maintained a certain distance from that grain of sand, afraid that they would once again be caught by that black and white light band.

On the other hand, Supreme Lord Ranell had a sullen face. He had joined the fight earlier to save Supreme Lord Addison. It was unfortunate that he failed to save him and even got himself severely injured in the process.

However, unlike all the other Supreme Lords who stayed far away from this grain of sand, Supreme Lord Ranell even approached it alone. His face was cold as he sneered, "The Desperate Melee is truly amazing. It is indeed beyond imagination. But I'm here alone, so you are unable to use the Desperate Melee on me, right?"

Supreme Lord Ranell was probing.

He already knew that the Desperate Melee was just an array that would cause all living things bound up to kill each other. This type of array was not rare in the Upper World. Many great races had arrays with similar functions.

For example, if a hundred people entered the Hundred-in-one Array together, only one person would survive. This person could also absorb the energy of other people's flesh and blood to strengthen his or her own body. This was the ogres' array to cultivate their elite warriors. The only one to survive the brutality would be an elite warrior.

The Slaughter Feast Array had the same effect. It was being used by the Upper World's Blood Spirit race.

However, normal arrays had no effect on Supreme Lords or even world lords.

That black and white light band just now was something that not even Supreme Lords could break free from. This was truly unbelievable.

Zen looked at the overbearing Supreme Lord Ranell, a smile on his face.

"Yes, I'm unable to use the Desperate Melee on you alone. But what is the use of you standing here? Are you planning to guard here forever?" he asked.

Supreme Lord Ranell snorted. "There is no need for me to guard this place. A mere Soul Sea Realm warrior like you isn't worth dealing with personally. I will only send a world lord to guard this place. I'm afraid you will never be able to leave this fairy palace for the rest of your life!"

The other Supreme Lords also agreed after hearing Supreme Lord Ranell's words.

Tricking and killing four Supreme Lords was a heinous crime. How could they

several hundred miles away from Tanya. Otherwise, the light band of the Desperate Melee would lock the two of them, causing one of them to die.

At this moment, a faint luster appeared on the surface of the grain of sand. The originally slowly rotating grain of sand began to rapidly spin, gradually expanding into a palm-sized fairy palace. This mini fairy palace continued expanding.

Maddox stared at the constantly changing fairy palace without even a blink. The tiny thing had expanded all the way until it transformed into its original size.

Both his and Tanya's expressions grew complex. He couldn't help but sigh. There was actually such a precious treasure in this universe.


After the fairy palace had been restored to its original size, it continued to flee towards the north.

Maddox and Tanya glanced at each other from afar and followed behind the fairy palace. Their goal wasn't to destroy the fairy palace but to keep Zen inside it. Wherever the fairy palace ran, they would follow.

Inside the fairy palace, Zen had already entered a meditative state and began a new round of cultivation.

The power of the fairy palace came from his master, which was also the first owner of the fairy palace. In other words, its power wasn't his.

It was impossible for him to stay in the fairy palace for his entire life.

However, Supreme Lord Ranell's words had brought him some trouble. If they really sent their world lords to take turns to guard outside the fairy palace, it would be equivalent to isolating Zen from the outside world. He wouldn't be able to step out of the fairy palace.

At this moment, Zen couldn't think of a way to solve it. If he were to leave the fairy palace now, he would be killed instantly by the two Demon Night world lords. He could only make the fairy palace move towards the Northern Sky Region.

Another voice suddenly echoed around him just as he entered his meditative state.

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