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   Chapter 1499 Die One After Another

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As the battle began, nearly twenty of the Supreme Lords retreated at the same time in great haste, afraid that they would be caught up in the conflict.

As for Elena, Ranell, and the other Supreme Lords, not only did they not leave, but they even charged forward at this moment...

In the realm of world lords, it was difficult to determine the victor in a battle between these warriors.

The reason was that the world lord had basically comprehended the spatial transference, and perhaps he wouldn't be able to beat his opponent, but it wasn't difficult for him to escape.

After using the skill of spatial transference, the warrior had already traveled one million miles in only a moment! He was in a sense therefore unreachable.

There had once been two world lords who had fought and chased each other for over ten years, and they had traveled through a hundred thousand supreme worlds… There was no way to delineate the battle zone, when the combatants could 'disappear' in an instant.

As for the battle between two Supreme Lords, one of them could defeat the other. But it would be impossible for the Supreme Lord to kill the other if the opponent wanted to escape!

A Supreme Lord would be killed unless there were several Supreme Lords working in collusion, or if the few top-rank Supreme Lords that had the highest Law of Causality were involved!

But now, the five Supreme Lords were trapped in a Desperate Melee within the open range of one hundred miles.

Whether they made use of the spatial transference, their special fleeing skill, or other methods, they were unable to escape from the band of light which bound them, nor were they able to leave the area of one hundred miles. Despite these restrictions, they were able to jump around within this massive battle zone.

Since the very start of the grand era, nothing like this had probably ever happened before!

As such, battles within a hundred miles were exceptionally fierce!

Zen and Lavender, who were standing within the fairy palace, silently looked up into the sky. This grain of sand which the fairy palace had transformed into was located in the very center of the battle! It was a whole new experience to have front row seats!

In the sky, there was a dramatic play of all sorts of illusory colors and lights. Other than that, it was practically impossible to see anything else...

Zen simply couldn't understand this level of battle! The scope was too massive.

The only thing he could discern was that those extremely profound Water Laws were being created by Myles. As for the shredded shadows, they might be from Gunter of the Demon Night...

Even if he couldn't understand it, and could only distinguish the Law Power, the mass of light around Zen still gave him a great shock. It wa

shocking, gaping wound on the side of her thigh. Fresh blood flowed down from the wound to drip on top of her toes, drop by drop. Before the blood reached the surface of the supreme world, it had already been air-dried and had dissipated in the wind...

Elena had tried her best, but she still couldn't save Gunter.

In truth, Gunter was the third Supreme Lord to have perished. After Gunter died, Elena left the center of the battle. The fighting there was just too intense, and even Elena couldn't withstand the frenzied attacks of the gathered Supreme Lords.

She had personally made a trip there. She would never have thought that not only would she fail to exterminate Lavender and obtain the Crown of Destiny, but she also lost Gunter in the battle.

From that point on, the Demon Night had then lost one more Supreme Lord. The Board of Elders' head had also died. Losing one more Supreme Lord had a great influence on the Demon Night. Because of this, if Elena returned to the Demon Night, she would probably be held accountable for the loss and failure by the other two Supreme Lords.

Elena let out a deep sigh. At this moment, a strong feeling of helplessness overwhelmed her mind. Zen and Lavender were so close to her, yet she couldn't do anything to them! It was galling.

She could do nothing but give up for the time being...

Elena was really unwilling to accept the fact. Defeat was not a word she was used to.

Right now, it wasn't just she who was disappointed and indignant.

Of the five Supreme Lords, four had perished!

A Supreme Lord represented a race and with that Supreme Lord's support, that race could grow stronger within the 100, 000 supreme worlds of the universe. After the four Supreme Lords had died, how could the members of the races which were supported by them be willing to submit to such a situation?

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