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   Chapter 1498 Groveling

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This sort of conflict was not something that an ordinary martial artist could participate in.

Yolande was not apt to do it, and so was the case with Kyron.

However, being incompetent did not mean that they did not pay heed to it.

The three great human powers—the Humanity Alliance, the Thoughtless Minds, and the Blessed Buddha Land—were all watching closely.

The Demon Night, the ogres, the Celestial Position, and the thousands of other Upper World races were also paying close attention in silence.

It could be said that the entire universe was focused on this place. On this day, they had memorized a name, and the name belonged to a warrior who was only at the Soul Sea Realm.

The faces of the Supreme Lords gradually darkened, revealing their frustration.

As the other Supreme Lords looked at the black and white light band, they turned deathly pale. At the same time, they felt relieved that they had not been caught by it.

The situation in front of them had suddenly turned chaotic.

Among the five Supreme Lords, only one could live.

These five Supreme Lords were closely related to the others. For example, Addison and Ranell were from the same sect and race. If Addison decided to attack, Ranell would undoubtedly help him out.

Furthermore, if Supreme Lord Gunter were to make a move, Elena, Queen of the Demon Night, would not just stand by and watch.

The price of a duel to the death would be too high. It might even cause the entire universe to be thrown into turmoil.

The trouble was that even after paying so much, they did not receive anything, owing to Zen's trickery. He was just some kid at the Soul Sea Realm. How could the Supreme Lords be willing to accept this?

The Supreme Lords present thought things through. They chose not to act. Instead, they looked toward the grain of sand. The black and white light band had come out of the grain.

A faint smile rested on Addison's face. With one leap, he appeared right before the grain of sand. Just as he was about to open his mouth, he stopped, not knowing what to say.

To plead with a nobody at the Soul Sea Realm was indeed embarrassing for a Supreme Lord like Addison. After mulling over it for a while, he finally spoke up. "Your name is Zen, correct?"

"Supreme Lord Addison. What is it?"

Zen's indifferent voice resounded through the universe.

Addison raised his head and looked at the sky. In his heart, he cursed Zen viciously. 'This kid apparently wants all creatures of the hundred thousand supreme worlds to know that I'm groveling before him.'

In the end,

ake action.

The first to attack was Myles. A faint water pattern appeared on his body and a water ring appeared behind him. A spine-chilling aura began to emit outward.


Myles' first target was Addison himself!

Myles had considered it before making a move against Addison. He was a mid-rank Supreme Lord and was stronger than the four in front of him.

If there were only the five of them without the other twenty-odd Supreme Lords watching, then his chances of winning would undoubtedly be the greatest. But Supreme Lord Ranell was still backing Addison up. Ranell was also a mid-rank Supreme Lord who was not weaker than Myles.

Sooner or later, Myles would face Addison, and Ranell would help the latter. Rather than leaving Addison to the last, it would be better to kill him first. Once Addison died, Ranell would be upset, but he might not act on it.

This was why he chose Addison to be his first target.


Amongst the Supreme Lords, Addison feared Myles the most. He also had a plan in his head. Once the Supreme Lords were almost done fighting, he would fight the survivor together with Ranell. This way, his chances of victory would be much higher.

However, he had not expected Myles to choose him first. It was obvious from Addison's face that he was both shocked and angry.

As soon as Myles moved, Gunter attacked at the same time.

As for the other two Supreme Lords, they were not slow either.

When a Supreme Lord attacked, the power released was very intimidating.

The battle of these Supreme Lords was enough to shatter a supreme world.

What was more, they were bound within a hundred miles.


With a deafening explosion, the battle finally began.

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