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   Chapter 1497 Only One Can Survive

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A black and white band of light appeared suddenly with a maximum speed.

When the Supreme Lords finally realized what happened, the band of light had already connected the five Supreme Lords together.

All of the Supreme Lords present stared at it without being able to recover from the surprise it had caused.

Within the fairy palace, this band of light was released precisely from the pavilion in its center. It was also the Desperate Melee that Zen had inadvertently triggered when he first went to the fairy palace.

Once the living creatures were trapped by it, only one of them would be able to survive.

"Is this Desperate Melee also effective on the Supreme Lords?" Zen asked, looking at the band of light outside of the fairy palace. When Zen had entered the pavilion before, he had been tied up with a group of Illuminating Soul Realm warriors. At that time, the Illuminating Soul Realm warriors weren't able to break free. Would the same happen to the Supreme Lords?

Saul smiled faintly. "Why wouldn't it work? They are mere Supreme Lords and each of them only bears a Heavenly Destiny, so even they cannot escape its powerful force!"

"Mere Supreme Lords? Only a Heavenly Destiny? How can you say things like that so easily?" Zen was shocked with his words. Judging from Saul's tone, he didn't think much of the Supreme Lords.

"Yes, this Heavenly Destiny is just a Law of Causality in the universe. With the rules contained in the Desperate Melee, if this group of Supreme Lords can break free, then they're really amazing." Saul looked extremely relaxed, as if he was not worried if the Supreme Lords would be freed from the Desperate Melee or not.

The five Supreme Lords that were trapped on the Desperate Melee were Addison from the ogre race, Gunter from the Demon Night, Myles, and other two Supreme Lords.

The Supreme Lords didn't reveal any emotions or show that they were worried about what was happening. Gunter was actually smiling. "This band of light seems to be some sort of restriction. I can feel that it's transmitting an intention. I just can't figure out what it is exactly."

"I think it wants us to fight among ourselves. And only one of us will survive." Addison was stunned for a moment, and then his face revealed a sneer.

"This is actually funny!" Myles gently waved his hand and ripples of water appeared on his hand. The water glowed and was about to cut the band of light in half.

However, as this water glow passed through, the band of light remained the same.

"Huh?" Myles frowned slightly.

The other Supreme Lords also tried to use their own methods to destroy the band of light, which was only two fingers wide. But it remained intact and seemed to be able to withstand any attack. The five Supreme Lords were still chained to each other.

All of the Supreme Lords started to feel intrigued by th

warrior's cultivation of martial arts reached the extremes, training the mind was even more important than cultivating the martial arts. However, at this moment, Yolande's mind was like a tide, churning and rolling, unable to calm down.

Yolande wasn't the only one who was so astonished.

Many warriors who had heard of his name were confused about him.

Those warriors included Master Shen and Master He from the Spiritual Force Sacred Place, the Saint Lord of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place, Lincoln who stayed in the Dark World, as well as the talents of the Mist Palace, such as Javier and Layla.

They looked up to Zen's terrifying talent. They still regarded him as a Soul Sea Realm warrior. If he was just slightly stronger than them, they could still accept that.

However, it had only been about half a year, and Zen was already able to go against Supreme Lords. Judging from Zen's tone of voice, it seemed like he was going to kill the four Supreme Lords without mercy.

They were not the ordinary warriors, but four Supreme Lords.

There were only a few Supreme Lords in the alliance.

"What is Zen doing?"

Layla was standing on a star in the Western Sky Region. Purple ice crystals were scattered around her, and it was hard to tell what she was thinking.

Zen, who she had once regarded as her greatest opponent, had grown to be so powerful in such a short amount of time.

The polar region of the star was a perfect place to cultivate and gain experience. It was her master, Kyron, who had personally brought her up here. At this time, Kyron had also descended by Layla's side, and he was looking towards the Middle Sky Region. His face was also filled with surprise as he said, "He shouldn't be relying on his own strength. Perhaps he has some sort of trick up his sleeve. The Illusion Battlefield will begin in just a few years. Layla, you should focus on your cultivation."

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