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   Chapter 1495 Warning (Part One)

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There was a blinding flash as the Supreme Lord's saber swept through the air and accurately hit that single grain of sand.

The moment the steel tip of his saber hit the grain, he noticed a hairline crack appear on his crescent blade light.

In the end, his crescent blade light couldn't even swat the tiny grain away. The tremendous force of his slash was wasted and merely continued passing through half of the universe to pierce through thousands of stars before totally dissipating.

The tiny grain of sand merely floated on the spot as it slowly rotated in the air.

The results greatly dismayed Supreme Lord Ranell. He was a mighty Supreme Lord yet he couldn't even cause any damage to this tiny grain of sand!

He raised his saber to try again but another Supreme Lord stepped forward and indicated that it was now his turn to attack the sand grain.

The Supreme Lords all took their turn trying to break this grain of sand one after another. They exhausted all of their abilities and used every kind of Law of Causality they knew but to no avail.

It wasn't just the Supreme Lords. Even Zen and Lavender, who currently hid within the fairy palace, were equally shocked at the extreme resilience of the sand grain.

This fairy palace had always been Zen's final fort, a place where he could hide when things immediately went south for him — a sanctuary in times of desperation.

He relied greatly on this fairy palace but even he did not expect that it would be able to block even a mighty Supreme Lord's attack.

He was extremely nervous earlier but witnessing the Supreme Lords fail one after the other relieved him greatly. The strength of the palace wasn't something to be trifled with.

It seemed that he had greatly underestimated his master and the origin of this fairy palace.

He knew his master was someone who had surpassed the heavens and this fairy palace was something extraordinary but never to this extent!

What exactly was the world above heavens like? And just how powerful was his master's culti

egy greatly amused Zen. A Supreme Lord's poison was a thousand times stronger than regular ones but it still wasn't enough. This tiny grain of sand drove these Supreme Lords mad!

Several more Supreme Lords arrived and their number was now close to thirty.

They all came from different races and represented the different forces of the universe.


There was a slight buzzing sound as another burst of light signaled the arrival of another Supreme Lord.

The light slowly condensed into a figure of a man and the sight of his face changed the expressions on everyone's faces.

Although the figure was of a man, this latecomer did not come from the human race but from the Celestial Position race.

This race was peculiar and was a hybrid of many different races. Whether it was a human or some other member of another race, one would have to go through the pre-requisite blood exchange to become a true Celestial Position member. It wasn't a large group but every single member was powerful, especially their Supreme Lords.

However, the race was also well-known for being unreasonable. The arrival of a Celestial Position Supreme Lord meant that things here were about to get complicated soon enough.

"Supreme Lord Marcello! Did the Celestial Position race also come to have a finger in the pie?" Supreme Lord Ranell asked with a sneer.

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