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   Chapter 1494 Showing Their Special Skills

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Such was a rare phenomenon, that it could almost be considered a miracle: a star over 80, 000 miles in diameter was forcefully refined just like that! No one else but a Supreme Lord could accomplish such a feat.

They were so powerful that even a grain of sand couldn't escape a Supreme Lord's heightened senses. When they discovered this particular grain of sand, however, they couldn't help but be surprised.

When the Supreme Lords saw the little fairy palace back then, they didn't think much about it. It didn't matter to them as it was just a space treasure.

Now that they had a closer look at this grain of sand, they realized that it wasn't just an ordinary treasure…

Because that grain of sand had undergone tempering of Supreme Lord Amritpal's fire!

However, the Supreme Lords couldn't see the mysteries inside the grain of sand. Then again, it was the only thing left unrefined from everything that Supreme Lord Amritpal's fire had burned. Thus, it could be said that the grain of sand was the embodiment of the little fairy palace.

It floated about in the air for a while, and then it shot towards the north!

One Supreme Lord wore a cold smirk, before he stretched out one hand and tore apart a vast space. The grain of sand was sucked into the shattered space. Then the surrounding spaces folded together and used their power to easily bind the grain of sand inside it.

"Such a powerful space treasure is truly unheard of," a Supreme Lord said with a shake of his head.

There were only a select few treasures that could cause a Supreme Lord to have such thoughts. It was difficult to tempt them—they wouldn't budge even if a supreme divine weapon appeared in front of their faces.

However, this fairy palace had so many changes that even the Supreme Lords present couldn't see through it. It had even withstood Supreme Lord Amritpal's fire.

Therefore, the Supreme Lords naturally wanted such a space treasure.

Before, they only wanted the Crown of Destiny and the Roaring Token, and destroy this space treasure. Now, they sang a different song. This space treasure was definitely a rare treasure.

"Your name is Zen, right?" one Supreme Lord, who remembered Zen's name, said. "You can come out. Although we Saya people are not a big race, we can ensure your survival if you offer this space treasure and the Crown of Destiny with both hands!"

"Survival? Ha-ha! Kid, although you are only at the Soul Sea Realm, I can make an exception and accept you as my disciple. The price would be your Crown of Destiny and this ever-changing fairy palace," Supreme Lord Ranell of the ogres casually said.

On the other hand, Elena's blood ran cold upon hearing

powerful in the universe, even though there were countless incredible mysteries and many dangerous lands as well.

They were all nothing in a Supreme Lord's eyes. Since they had lived for a hundred million years and counting, it was hard for them to find anything that could surprise them.

However, this grain of sand was out of their imagination. To add to that, they were also more interested in Zen's space treasure too!

"Let me do it!" Supreme Lord Ranell said and stepped forward. Since he was a mid-rank Supreme Lord, he was far more powerful than the Supreme Lords who had previously tried.

He already had a saber in his hands—the Imperial Mysterious Saber. This saber was refined from the last Mysterious Bone Demon of the universe, and it was ranked 27th on the Universal Spirit Tablet!

The Mysterious Bone Demon had a special talent. It could disrupt the vitality between heaven and earth, and could even absorb an unlimited amount of it. It was because of this ability that the Mysterious Bone Demons had been exterminated. Their race consumed far too much vitality between heaven and earth. It was something that the heavens couldn't tolerate!

The last living Mysterious Bone Demon had been captured by the ogres' weapon refiner, who had then created the Imperial Mysterious Saber out of it.

The saber suddenly slashed out, and a crescent-shaped saber light appeared in the sky. As a result, the vitality between the heaven and earth in the sky was disrupted. It spread out everywhere in insanely fluctuating amounts!

It was all too much to take—the vitality between heaven and earth contained in this saber light was far beyond the imagination of an ordinary martial artist.


At that moment, the beam of saber light shot towards the grain of sand!

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