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   Chapter 1493 A Grain Of Sand

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Even if Supreme Lord Amritpal released his hottest flames, the rate at which the Yellow Sand Star burned had slowed down.

This star's surface was only soft sand and underneath was ten miles of soil.

Beneath the soil was a layer of hard rock, under which lay the mantle. The mantle was made of tougher stuff than normal rock and encased the very core of the star.

A star's core was extremely sturdy and its weight was equally astonishing. A palm-sized core was equal to the weight of an entire mountain.

It was impossible for Supreme Lord Amritpal's flames to burn the entire star out in just a short period of time.

"Leave the Crown of Destiny to me. There is someone in my clan who urgently needs it,"

Supreme Lord Myles said, taking advantage of the situation.

"Someone in your clan needs it? Are you joking? You're not the only one who needs the Crown of Destiny!" a Supreme Lord protested.

It was a fact that there were many world lords in this boundless universe but too few Crowns of Destiny.

Nearly twenty Supreme Lords had arrived, and Zen's use of the Roaring Token was only going to invite more. A huge problem had now posed itself: who took ownership of the Crown of Destiny?

It was not something that could be halved, nor could it be shredded into pieces for distribution.

"Humph! You greedy guys! All you think about is this Crown of Destiny, but none of you has ever considered the most important thing! This is the 129th Crown of Destiny. If there really is someone who carries the Heavenly Destiny, then has any of you thought about what would happen?" another Supreme Lord asked in a clear voice.

His words plunged everyone into silence.

A single round of heavens could only carry 128 Heavenly Destinies. This number had always been constant.

What would happen with the emergence of the 129th? Nobody knew.

Would it perhaps trigger the collapse of heavens? Would it end this grand era so suddenly? The risks were numerous and too heavy to even start comprehending.

The silence was heavy among these mighty Supreme Lords, and it was only broken by the appearance of another one of their ranks. "Ranell! You've finally come!" Supreme Lord Addison greeted.

Supreme Lord Addison had been the first one to arrive, but the arrival of so many others had pushed him to the very edge of the crowd.

He was one of the oldest Supreme Lords, yet prestige was not determined by age but by the Heavenly Destiny. The power of the Law of Causality contained with

A hundred miles in diameter...

The initial layers had been burned away, leaving behind a solid glazed substance that was similar to hot, molten metal.

Ten miles in diameter...

One mile...

A thousand feet...

Finally, the star core made its appearance. The 80, 000-mile diameter Yellow Sand Star was no more. All that remained now was this small core which was the size of a person's fist.

The sight of this black object made the Supreme Lords' faces fall.

"Where is the mini fairy palace?"

"He couldn't have possibly escaped, right? Did he run away through spatial transference? That's not possible! We would've seen it if he did!" Questions ran through each of the Supreme Lords' minds but none of them could comprehend just how the small fairy palace suddenly disappeared right under their very noses. Perhaps it was in this fist-sized, black star core?

Supreme Lord Amritpal extended a hand and made a few calculations with his fingers. "Continue to burn the star core!" he declared with a cold sneer. "The fairy palace is truly very interesting! It is actually hiding inside the very core itself."

And he was right. The mini fairy palace had turned into a grain of sand that had drilled itself into the very center of this impossibly hard star core.

And as long as Supreme Lord Amritpal continued with his incineration, then the mini fairy palace would eventually be exposed.

There was another huge burst of flames as the star core was once again set alight by the Supreme Lords. From the size of a fist, it shrank down to the size of a pebble, until it finally vanished and left behind a grain of sand that slowly rotated in the air.

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