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   Chapter 1492 Burn The Star

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A look of confusion appeared on the faces of all the Supreme Lords.

Even Elena, Supreme Lord Addison, and Supreme Lord Gunter stopped fighting.

Nothing could escape from these mighty warriors, and that was precisely why they had started fighting. They had been confident that the mini fairy palace wouldn't be able to go anywhere.

But now, it had inexplicably disappeared.

Escaping under the watchful eyes of so many Supreme Lords was impossible.

The Supreme Lords quickly began to analyze the situation, and they all soon came to the same conclusion—the fairy palace hadn't left the Yellow Sand Star and was merely hiding within it.

Faced with this tricky situation, the Supreme Lords that gathered on the Yellow Sand Star naturally stopped quarreling.

They had all come for the Crown of Destiny, and that was their only goal. They had no interest in sparring with other Supreme Lords.

Elena's cold gaze swept across the surface of the Yellow Sand Star over and over again, but she did not find any clues. In the end, her hostile eyes fell upon the other Supreme Lords. She cursed inwardly, 'If it weren't for these bastards, the fairy palace wouldn't be able to hide from me.'


A few more figures descended from the sky. Several other Supreme Lords had rushed over.

"Supreme Lord Myles!" someone exclaimed.

Supreme Lord Myles was a mid-rank Supreme Lord. Even Elena frowned at the sight of him.

"Supreme Lord Amritpal!"

When Supreme Lord Amritpal descended, his gaze first landed on Supreme Lord Myles.

The two of them were a famous pair of rivals, bringing joy and entertainment to all creatures in the universe. They had been challenging and quarreling with each other for countless years, but they hadn't fought against each other even once. Many Supreme Lords had asked them why they hadn't engaged in a real fight, but the two of them always ignored those questions.

Now that the Supreme Lords gathered on the Yellow Sand Star saw these two appear together, they thought that the two would immediately start bickering again. They never imagined that these two Supreme Lords would greet each other so warmly. It was as if they were good friends who hadn't seen each other in a long time.

When two Supreme Lords fought against each other, the Crown of Destiny would dissipate after one of them died, and then it would randomly appear in a corner of the universe. So after a Supreme Lord killed another, the greatest benefit would fall into the hands of others. As a result, Supreme Lords would not fight to the death against each other unless they were sworn enemies. Previously, when Elena had fought with four Supreme Lords, none of them had used all their might.

Not long after, more Supreme Lords arrived.

The number of Supreme Lords circling Yellow Sand Star had reached twenty.

It was extremely rare for so many Supreme Lords to be

then it began to slowly melt.

"He wants to burn the entire star down," Zen murmured. His eyebrows twitched. "Supreme Lord Amritpal is such a decisive man!"

When Supreme Lord Amritpal began to burn the Yellow Sand Star, Zen sensed a faint trace of sorrow in his perception. When that feeling of sorrow was transmitted to him, he instantly understood that it came from the will of the stars.

Stars had their own will. Zen had understood that long ago when he had practiced the Stellar Body. So far, he had already activated more than 20 stars. The sadness of the stars that he felt was emitted from the stars that he himself had activated.

It was a pity that he couldn't do anything to prevent this.

Zen shook his head slightly. He could only watch as Supreme Lord Amritpal continued burning down the Yellow Sand Star.


Under the embrace of the fire dragon, a huge crack appeared in the middle of the Yellow Sand Star. It was actually starting to fall apart.

However, the flames of Supreme Lord Amritpal did not die down. Instead, they continued burning the Yellow Sand Star with fierce intensity.

Under the constant burning, the Yellow Sand Star's size continued to shrink. The easily incinerated materials within the star were burnt away.

Within five minutes, the diameter of the Yellow Sand Star shrank from 80, 000 miles to 40, 000 miles.

An hour later, the Yellow Sand Star shrank down to just 10, 000 miles in diameter.

Just like that, a huge star had been slowly burned down. However, the fairy palace was still quietly lying inside.

"Humph! Let's see how long the fairy palace can hold against such heat. Let's see how long it can hide. Brat, you scolded me back then. I can reject that Crown of Destiny, but I will definitely take your Roaring Token!" Supreme Lord Amritpal was someone who held grudges. He still remembered the time when Zen had insulted him when he was feeling down.

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