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   Chapter 1491 Transformation

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The power of a Supreme Lord was simply magnificent.

If the several Supreme Lords present there released all of their powers at once, then they would probably be able to instantly shatter this giant Yellow Sand Star!

They were restraining their strengths even when they were fighting for Zen's fairy palace. In reality, they were not looking at this battle as a matter of life-and-death at all.

But even so, the power that erupted from these Supreme Lords was far superior to that of an ordinary warrior. They were just beyond imaginable.

As Addison roared in both anger and shock, the other several Supreme Lords all joined in the battle at the same time.

The first target of these Supreme Lords was to get the mini fairy palace located on the desert.

Elena slightly furrowed her brows upon realizing that. Her eyes flashed with hostility when she immediately raised the Saint Thunder Meteor Hammer in her hand. As the hammer gently shook, it released a streak of lightning of a hundred thousand feet long!

Countless beams of lightning circled her, forming a massive vortex around where she stood.

The Thunder Law contained within this thunder had already reached the eighth layer or even the ninth layer!

Even a Supreme Lord would have no choice but to back away if faced with a sharp vortex of thunder.

Thus, the faces of the Supreme Lords were suddenly flooded with both surprise and anger. The Demon Night's Queen of Punishment really took action to attack without the slightest hesitation!

All the other Supreme Lords were startled except for Elena, who remained calm and determined. How could she allow others to snatch away the things she wanted to get?

After the lightning dissipated, she looked down and was slightly stunned, finding out that the mini fairy palace was already gone!

"It's too childish to expect to run away..."

In Elena's eyes, relying on a space treasure to escape before so many Supreme Lords was simply daydreaming!

She then gently raised her hand and instantly, a huge crack appeared at the edge of the desert on the Yellow Sand Star. It didn't even take a second when the crack continued to extend and circled the entire desert!

Beneath the desert was soil and beneath the soil was a layer of rock stratum.


The desert, the soil below the Yellow Sand Star, the rock stratum and even the mantle underneath the star's surface were completely lifted by Elena.

If one were to look from above the starlight, it seemed that a giant was holding a ladle, scooping up a large part of the Yellow Sand Star!

She was that strong!

There was a huge pit that was thousands of miles deep at the bottom of the dessert.

After digging up the ground, Elena once again waved the Saint Thunder Meteor Hammer in her hand. With a light wave, the ham

shapes. After entering the interior of the Yellow Sand Star, it directly transformed into a palm-sized stone!

Just as the fairy palace had completed its transformation, a Supreme Lord waved his hand and once again the massive desert was dug out from the Yellow Sand Star. The Supreme Lord used the same method as Elena's and then burnt the desert with the blazing flames.

Being burnt by the flames, the desert sand turned into numerous transparent crystals which began to melt.

Not long after, a desert of one hundred miles long had been burnt down and only a little part of it was left. A few scattered items fell to the large hole at the bottom of the Yellow Sand Star.

As a stone among the items, the fairy palace kept tumbling in the air before falling into the hole and stopped moving.

The Supreme Lord got no clue that what he was searching for just flew out somewhere!

"Huh?" A wondering expression appeared on his face.

He stood bewildered, looking at his empty hand. He almost grabbed it! How could the fairy palace disappear? He had burned the entire desert, yet he couldn't find that fairy palace again.

"There was no space fluctuation happening right now. That space treasure must be on top of the Yellow Sand Star!" another Supreme Lord said indifferently.

"Humph! I reckon that the fairy palace must be here." Another Supreme Lord began to count on his fingers and try to figure out the palace's location. As long as the Crown of Destiny wasn't carried by anyone, it wasn't difficult to figure out its position. Moreover, the Supreme Lord was not far away from the Crown of Destiny, so it would not be so complicated to deduce its location!

The Supreme Lord, who was calculating the space, suddenly turned towards the Yellow Sand Star. Then with a frown, he muttered, "It is indeed still on the Yellow Sand Star but what happened just now?"

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