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   Chapter 1490 Drag More Supreme Lords In

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Right now, the fairy palace was Zen and Lavender's last shelter.

If the fairy palace was destroyed, Zen would have no choice but to accept his fate.

Now that he was facing so many Supreme Lords as well as Elena, he seemed to have fallen into a deathtrap. However, he didn't mind making the situation more complicated if it meant that he could find a way out.

With that thought in mind, he took out the Roaring Token. A moment later, Zen's voice resounded throughout the entire universe.

"Hi bitch, we meet again!"

When Elena heard Zen's words, a trace of anger blossomed in her icy gaze.

'How dare he insult me!' she thought.

As an exalted queen of the Demon Night, how could she tolerate a mere Soul Sea Realm warrior humiliating her?

However, her face was still calm. She said coldly, "In my eyes, you're just a nobody. A Soul Sea Realm warrior doesn't have the qualifications to even talk to me. Let Lavender out!"

Zen opened his mouth again.

"Humph! In my eyes, you aren't even a queen of the Demon Night. You're just a bitch. You want us to come out? Not a chance. Why don't you come in if you're powerful enough? There are many treasures in this fairy palace. Other than the Crown of Destiny, there is also my Roaring Token. This thing should be something that surpasses the heavens, right? It has limitless use."

Zen's words shocked all the intelligent creatures in the 100, 000 supreme worlds.

"A Soul Sea Realm warrior has a Crown of Destiny?"

"According to the legends, a Crown of Destiny is what allows a world lord to become a Supreme Lord. But now, it has been obtained by a mere Soul Sea Realm warrior."

"If I have this Crown of Destiny, I can become a Supreme Lord!"

All around the universe, warriors at a low cultivation level just said whatever they pleased. The truth was, if this Crown of Destiny truly fell into their hands, it would just be a hot potato. They wouldn't gain anything out of it. In fact, they might even lose their lives.

However, some of the world lords were immediately envious.

Every supreme world in the universe had a world lord, with the exception of a few extremely barren and harsh supreme worlds. Some supreme worlds even had two to three world-lord level warriors, such as the Dark World and the Spirit Reading World.

When these world lords heard Zen's words, they immediately wanted to obtain this Crown of Destiny as well.

They had already reached the peak of their cultivation path.

The only way they could take a step further was to obtain a Crown of Destiny.

They couldn't understand how it had been obtained by a mere Soul Sea Realm warrior.

"Bring that Crown of Destiny here!" "I'll ask my grandpa to obtain the Crown of Destiny for me."

"Where is this brat now?"

Some ordinary world lords could do nothing about it, but there

n she had just discovered Zen, she should have personally gone to the Dark World instead of dragging things out and sending people to exterminate him. That had wasted a large amount of time.

If not for this, she would probably have taken away the Crown of Destiny and Lavender's life a long time ago.

Now that Zen had disclosed his possession of the Crown of Destiny and the Roaring Token to attract even more Supreme Lords, the situation had become a little tricky. He could cut a deal with a top-rank Supreme Lord and exchange the Crown of Destiny for a guarantee of his safety.

Since the situation was complicated, it was beneficial for Zen.

Because of this, Elena no longer had any hesitation. As the Faith Energy filled her body, the Saint Thunder Meteor Hammer in her hands began to emit over 10, 000 bolts of lightning.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Her attack was about to smash straight down upon the fairy palace.

However, just as Elena made her move, Supreme Lord Addison's black smoke rapidly spread over. He had been the first Supreme Lord to arrive, and with his tyrannical personality of an ogre, how could he give up his prey?

Dozens of giant hands made of black smoke grabbed at the fairy palace from different directions.

However, just as Supreme Lord Addison moved, countless tiny shadows erupted from Supreme Lord Gunter's body. Each shadow was only the size of a palm, but they contained a unique Law of Causality that seemed to completely melt away anything that touched them. The black smoke hands of Supreme Lord Addison were no exception. In the blink of an eye, they had completely melted away.

However, even though Supreme Lord Gunter had blocked one of the Supreme Lords, he was unable to stop the remaining five Supreme Lords. All of them came over at almost the same time. They couldn't stand aside and let someone else take the Crown of Destiny.

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