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   Chapter 1489 Elena Arrived

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The area spanning a tenth-grade sacred place was already unimaginably large, and within a supreme world, there were only two or three world-lord level warriors.

Ordinary warriors had very little chances of meeting a world lord even once in their lifetimes.

As for Supreme Lords, although they were scattered throughout the one hundred thousand supreme worlds, they were all legendary figures in the universe.

From the moment a warrior stepped onto the path of cultivation, they broke through their limits step by step and became even more powerful.

Once a warrior's cultivation reached a new realm, he or she would name the realm

The five levels of body refining, nature level, Illuminating Soul Realm, Internal Elixir Realm, Virtual Tribulation Realm, Life and Death Realm... After that, there were the Soul Sea Realm, Spirit Supreme Realm, and Spirit Transformation Realm. Eventually, a warrior became a world lord.

In theory, a world lord was the last realm warriors could reach. It was the end of the cultivation path warriors could reach with their talent and perseverance.

It was impossible to walk farther with only those two aspects. If a warrior wanted to continue on that path, he or she would need a Crown of Destiny. Only by carrying the Heavenly Destiny would they be qualified to become Supreme Lords.

There were only 128 Supreme Lords in the entire universe. Four had already appeared before Zen.

Zen was also a bit speechless at the moment.

He knew that these Supreme Lords had come for his Crown of Destiny. It seemed that the crown was far more important than he had imagined.

What was worse was that the number of Supreme Lords who appeared before him was still increasing.





At this moment, the sword spirit inside Zen's body manifested next to him. Lavender stood beside him and stared indifferently at the sky.

"Supreme Lord Gunter." She frowned.

"Supreme Lord Gunter?" Zen's gaze was fixed on the seventh Supreme Lord. From his appearance, he was able to determine that the Supreme Lord was a Demon Night member. However, he had not heard of him before.

"Since Supreme Lord Gunter has come, Elena would be here too," Lavender said flatly.


When Zen heard this name, killing intent flashed through his mind.

Zen had never wanted to kill someone as much as he wanted to kill Elena. Not even Eddie, who had been his great adversary. If Eddie had been willing to let Yan go, Zen would have let him go as well, even though he badly wanted to do away with him.

However, this woman was an exception.

Lavender still looked at the sky as a deep blue light appeared there. At the front of the light was a person wearing the Saint Sky Armor and slowly approaching them, the Saint Thunder Meteor Hammer in her hands.

The woman was one of the three queens of the Demon Night race,

had killed a Supreme Lord in order to help Leroy get a Crown of Destiny.

Every Supreme Lord's death was an event that shook the heavens in this universe. Killing a Supreme Lord had far-reaching consequences and was tough to boot. Even a top-rank Supreme Lord did not have complete confidence that he or she could kill a low-rank one.

However, Lavender had managed to do it. She was also the first world lord to kill a Supreme Lord, even though she had relied on the Faith Energy of the Pool of Faith.

They could not forget how it had happened. Since then, Lavender's name was remembered by each and every Supreme Lord. It was the Queen of Killings who had killed a Supreme Lord, with no Heavenly Destiny on her shoulders.

Several hundred years ago, Lavender had suddenly vanished in the universe.

Even though the Demon Night members had tried their best to conceal this matter, the statues of the queens were spread throughout the various sacred places of the race. It was almost impossible to hide something so huge.

To the Supreme Lords of other races, it was good news. Later on, they got to know that the two queens of Demon Night were engaged in an internal conflict.

Now, it seemed that this matter was true.

The most powerful queen of the Demon Night was hiding in this tiny fairy palace! Since she possessed the Crown of Destiny, why did she not try to carry the Heavenly Destiny? The Supreme Lords present were clearly suspicious.

Elena did not pay any attention to the conjectures of the Supreme Lords. As she stopped a certain distance from the mini fairy palace, a small smile bloomed across her mouth. "Lavender, it's time to come out, don't you think?"

Lavender's gaze was fixed on Elena's face. She, who was usually so calm and indifferent, couldn't keep her cool anymore. Just as she was about to speak, Zen suddenly reached out and stopped her with a smile. "Let me handle this bitch."

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