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   Chapter 1487 The Moving Fairy Palace

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The two Demon Night warriors were a man and a woman. The man was called Maddox, and the woman was called Tanya.

They were Elena's most capable subordinates, and their strength was on par with Viveca, Aneisha, Salvador, and Elspeth.

However, since the two warriors had followed Elena all these years, the benefits they had obtained were naturally much greater than those of the latter four.

The weapons in their hands were both supreme divine weapons.

The crystal sword in Maddox's hand was called Infinite Crystal Sword. As long as he was strong enough, he would be able to turn the crystal sword into two, then into four. The stronger he was, the more crystal swords he would be able to divide. Each crystal sword would have the same power as the original one.

On the Universe Spirit Tablet, the Infinite Crystal Sword was currently ranked the 2, 120th.

As for the weapon in Tanya's hand, it was a machete called Slash. The machete's weapon refiner was a man with a very strange temperament. He had made only a few weapons, each of which was named with one word and was listed in the top 3, 000 in the Universe Spirit Tablet rankings. Moreover, every weapon also contained a Law of Causality.

When Tanya waved the Slash, the cold glint on the blade suddenly became so bright that no one could look at it. It was as if a star had been embedded on the surface of the machete.

With a wave of the machete, Tanya sent forward an attack.


The blade light spread out in the shape of a fan, making it seem as though a gigantic fan had appeared in the vast sky.

Anything that came within the range of the light would be cut in half.

The Law of Causality in Slash was very similar to that in the pickax named Black Star. However, the Law of Causality in Black Star was penetrating everything while that in Slash was cutting everything in half.

Tanya had intentionally brandished the machete in such a way so as to cut the Reincarnation Plate into two.

However, when the fan-shaped light had extended enough to almost touch the Reincarnation Plate, the enormous plate suddenly rose to a higher altitude, dodging the attack in an extremely strange manner.

In fact, Zen was the one who was controlling the Reincarnation Plate. He couldn't avoid the densely-packed crystal swords, but he had the confidence to avoid the slowly-spreading blade light. He was not an idiot who knew nothing but to run as fast as he could.

Seeing the sight, Maddox couldn't help but laugh.

The Reincarnation Plate was so large, yet Tanya had missed her target. It was indeed a joke.

Tanya had never thought that the Reincarnation Plate would be able to dodge her attack even though it was riddled with holes.

There was a hint of anger in her eyes as she

unable to deal with the small fairy palace. The fact that there was nothing they could do about it was a great humiliation to them.

Inside the fairy palace, Zen was standing on a square. Saul was standing behind him. In front of them was a crystal wall, and on the crystal wall was an image of the outside world.

To be more accurate, what was outside the fairy palace was not a part of the universe at all; it was a place unknown to Zen. The real outside world had been blocked by the enchanted barrier that was being released from the fairy palace.

The small fairy palace which was being pursued was nothing more than an illusory manifestation of the real fairy palace.

"It seems that we can't get rid of them." Zen looked at the image of the two Demon Night warriors chasing after him on the crystal wall.

Saul smiled slightly. "Zen, there's no need to worry. These two have comprehended spatial transference, so the fairy palace can't flee by flying alone. However, we don't need to be afraid of mere world lords. Even if the fairy palace remained motionless, they wouldn't be able to break through it."

Zen nodded. He still didn't know how to resolve this crisis, but at the very least, he was able to guarantee his own safety as well as Lavender's. Right now, all he could do was take one step at a time and see how long Elena could pester him like this.

The chase lasted for about two days, and the distance between them and a bright yellow star in the Middle Sky Region was getting closer and closer. This whole time, although Maddox and Tanya were pursuing them with all their might, they still couldn't do anything to this small fairy palace.

However, just at this moment, a streak of black smoke appeared behind the two of them. As the black smoke rolled over, a giant hand reached out and grabbed at the two of them.

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