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   Chapter 1486 Riddled With Holes

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Looking in horror as the old man fell to the ground, everyone from the Board of Elders seemed like they had just been hit by a truck.

Never in their wildest dreams would they have thought that Elena would actually have the guts to put them down, let alone their leader.

"If you insist on continuing with this nonsense of yours, I don't give a rat's ass about killing each and every single of you."

After stating that, Elena went ahead and took Enzo as well as Supreme Lord Gunter away. In any case, she just couldn't afford to waste her precious time on these over-the-hill fellows of the Board of Elders.

At first, she actually intended to have a bit of fun in this game of cat and mouse between her and Lavender. That being said, in the case of Crown of Destiny, she was fully cognizant of the fact that it was about time for the game to reach its conclusion.

"Enzo, tell Maddox and Tanya to finish the job without delay. And as for the Crown of Destiny, if they happen to locate it, then bring it back to me right away." Elena gave out her order.

"Crown of Destiny?" Enzo was in a state of shock, with his eyes completely glued to Supreme Lord Gunter.

Supreme Lord Gunter simply nodded his head to reaffirm it. "A Crown of Destiny has suddenly appeared. There's a good chance that it's with Lavender."

"I see." Enzo had always been quick on the uptake, so there was no need for them to say anything more.

Meanwhile, in a star in the universe.

There was a storm raging incessantly within the star. From afar, it was much like a scar on the surface of the star, stretching out for millions of miles. Little by little, it moved around on the star's surface.

In truth, this storm was actually a fusion of thunder and fire. What was more, it had not faltered at all for a million years.

Under such extreme conditions, not a living being could ever hope to pull through.

Be that as it might, there was one person who was sitting in the very eye of the storm. With his arms outstretched, he had been continuously making calculations using his fingers!

"Not here."

Upon making that statement, he proceeded to raise his hand once more and carried on with his calculations! His mind was completely engrossed in finding something.

"Not here either!"

Then, he simply started calculating again.

And before one could say "knife", that person opened his eyes, revealing a radiant glow that was like that of the stars. "I've done it! Ha-ha, it's making its way to me! This Crown of Destiny... It's destined to be in my hands!"

When he was done speaking, his silhouette vanished into the massive storm. At that exact same time, the storm started to die down bit by bit!

In the vast universe, a great many Supreme Lords had been trying to calculate the current position of the Crown of Destiny.

For each of those Supreme Lords, their methods of calculating it might have varied, but all of them were perfectly capable of figuring out the location of the Crown of Destiny. This could only indicate that they had all locked on to Zen's whereabouts and were already starting to adopt measures.

This was something that even Zen himself was not able to foresee!

Indeed, he had a lot of faith in his fairy palace. However, that was just when he was holding

ate with ease, leaving a bowl-sized opening on its surface. After that, the second one followed suit, then the third one, the fourth one... It appeared that there was no stopping that attack whatsoever.

Pfft pfft pfft pfft...

To put it simply, these crystal swords were much like a relentless rainstorm. It didn't take too long before the whole Reincarnation Plate became riddled with holes.

On top of that, after piercing right through the Reincarnation Plate, they actually managed to penetrate even the bottom of the plate as well as bounce back.

After that vicious onslaught, the crystal swords shifted their direction, hurling once again into the Reincarnation Plate.


And just like that, the Reincarnation Plate was now chock-full of crystal swords.

As Zen was seated at the bottom of the plate, a crystal sword pierced right through the palace and was coming straight at him.

Because he was sitting on the ground, Zen went hell for leather in order to evade the crystal sword. All he could do was watch as the crystal sword disappeared into the ground, but after that, he simply moved back to his original position. He still persistently operated the Reincarnation Plate. Throughout all of that, the expression he had on his face never shifted, not even once.

There was no doubt that this Reincarnation Plate was indeed such a high-grade space tool, but considering the current level of Zen's strength, there was no way for him to prevent it from receiving damage. The best he could do at this point was to just make the most of what was left by having it go as far as it possibly could!

Pfft pfft pfft...

While Zen was still preoccupied with maneuvering the Reincarnation Plate, another set of ten or so crystal swords made their way into the palace. In response, Zen's figure flashed one more time as he went on and continued to concentrate on navigating the plate.

As these crystal swords ceaselessly hurtled to and fro, the Reincarnation Plate had become perforated all over.

"The time is now. Let me do it myself." At this point, the woman held a ten-foot-long saber parallel to ground behind her, and a cold light suddenly enveloped the blade.

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