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   Chapter 1485 Abolish

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When one heard the word heavens, it was often associated with grace, strength, and the ability to sustain a whole grand era.

Generally speaking, the current round of heavens was quite stable. If something interrupted this stability, great consequences definitely awaited.

Most of the time, it included the fall of a Supreme Lord and the reappearance of the Crown of Destiny.

There were only 128 Supreme Lords in the whole universe, and all of them had extremely long lifespans. And while a Supreme Lord's death was a rare thing, it was also a great opportunity for all races.

The Supreme Lords were so few that even a large race like the Demon Night race only had four Supreme Lords. Thus, it was considered highly important to have another Supreme Lord.

Now, not all four of the Demon Night race's Supreme Lords supported Elena.

Although Supreme Lord Gunter was one of her strong supporters, Supreme Lord Leroy had always stayed hidden and was always a steady supporter of Lavender. As for the other two Supreme Lords, one of them stood by the Queen of Life, while the last one remained neutral but occasionally followed the Board of Elders' commands.

If Elena could obtain another Crown of Destiny, the Demon Night race would have the fifth Supreme Lord who would give her his or her unwavering support. This way, her dominance would further be strengthened.

"The heavens just trembled… Did a Supreme Lord die?" Elena asked, her eyes alight with a beautiful blue sparkle. Gunter shook his head respectfully in response.

"No, my queen. All the Supreme Lords are still alive," he answered.

"No? Are you sure?" Elena cocked one fine brow. She was surprised by his answer, so she asked, "Then what caused the heavens to shake?"

Gunter's face held a trace of doubt. He hesitated for a moment, but continued, "Although no Supreme Lord has died, I can feel that there is an extra Heavenly Destiny!"

"An extra Heavenly Destiny?" Elena repeated, apparently taken aback by his statement. "How is it possible? I've never heard of such a thing."

A round of heavens only settled 128 Heavenly Destinies for the Supreme Lords to bear. This was common knowledge in the entire universe, and was also regarded as an unbreakable law. Thus, Elena was confused after she heard what Gunter had said.

"I don't know why, either," Gunter said and shook his head. He had no idea what would happen if someone had forcibly carried the extra Heavenly Destiny, but the Crown of Destiny was something they had to fight for no matter what. "Anyway, I have already figured out the location of this Crown of Destiny," he added.

"Where is it?" Elena asked eagerly. "It's in the Dark World," Gunter said.

"However, it has been constantly changing its position since the day before yesterday. It seems that it has already flown into the deep space, headed towards the Northern Sky Region," he added.

A hint of curiosity flashed in Elena's eyes. Then, she suddenly

ace as a faint, blue light flashed from within her body. Her perfectly sculpted face looked unabashedly hostile as she said, "Indeed, the Board of Elders is no longer of any use to me. If you don't mind, I will just abolish it."


"How dare you!"

Elena's words were like a giant stone thrown into a very quiet lake, and caused a ripple of an uproar among the elders.

The head of the Board of Elders was an old man who had lived for over eight million years. He jumped up and pointed accusingly at Elena's face as he scolded, "Back then, we shouldn't have helped you get to the top. How could you do this to us..."

Meanwhile, Enzo frowned and decided to step forward and stand in front of Elena. Even if this old man was the head of the Board of Elders, offending the queen in such a way would still be regarded as an outrageous act. Still, it would be troublesome for them if he insisted on his seniority.

On the other hand, Elena remained stoic as ever. "Gunter," she said in her iciest tone.

Behind her, Gunter quietly walked forward and looked the head of the Board of Elders in the eye.

The old man froze for a moment and seemed to have thought of something. Suddenly, his eyes widened as he shouted in anger, "Gunter! How dare you! You can't!"

Before Gunter had become a Supreme Lord, he had also been a member of the Board of Elders. When the Demon Night race had obtained a Crown of Destiny back then, they had decided to choose a member of Board of Elders to bear the Heavenly Destiny. It was the head who had recommended Gunter for the job.

Never had he expected that millions of years later, he would actually die in Gunter's hands!


There were no demonstrations of power, no gruesome fights, and no flows of life vitality.

The head of the Board of Elders, a Demon Night warrior and also a grand world lord, fell to the ground with a loud thud. All it took for death to claim him was a single glance from a Supreme Lord.

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