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   Chapter 1484 Preparations

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Livingston still wasn't convinced even as he followed Zen into the library.

Now that they were in this fairy palace, Zen wanted to help Freya and Livingston settle down into the fairy palace. He also advised Freya to look around and pick out a book that might help her cultivate. Her original cultivation method was derived from the great world she had originally come from.

Livingston was in awe at the sight of so many books before him. He effectively ignored those on cultivation methods since they would be useless for his current puppet body. What piqued his interest were the numerous texts on weapon refining, so much so that he even refused to leave after entering the library, too engrossed with his reading.

Once the two were settled, Zen immediately departed and, with a gentle tap of his hand, shrank the majestic fairy palace back into the palm-sized token in his hand.

The Reincarnation Plate was in tatters but it wouldn't be destroyed so easily in such a short period of time. Zen was confident that if Elena's subjects launched an attack, then all he would need to do was to step back inside the fairy palace. However, catching him at this point in time was unlikely since they would need to destroy the Reincarnation Plate first.

Once done with his preparations, Zen once again controlled the Reincarnation Plate and flew straight through the sky to roam around and explore the universe.

In the Demon Night's core supreme world: the Punishment World.

This supreme world's structure was incredibly unique owing to the fact that it was entirely made up of one huge mountain.

This mountain was aptly named Punishment Mountain with its foot starting just at the edge of the world and extending all the way to the center.

Of course, the residents of this world couldn't really feel like they were living in a mountain, because this mountain was just too huge. The only way one would be able to discern the form of the landmass was if they looked at it from a distance in space.

The Heavenly Punishment Palace stood like a beacon on the mountain world. Today, numerous Demon Night warriors gathered at its gate.

These warriors, both men and women, that had gathered here were elders of the Demon Night who had lived for millions of years. A few had even undergone the Five Aging Processes already. They were mostly weathering away as they waited for death to consume them. There was no longer any possibility of extending their lifespans since they were mere world lords that could never attain immortality.

"Let Elena out! We want an explanation!"

"She has to explain what she did to the Board of Elders!"

"We can't let her mess thi

ld never dare to charge into the Heavenly Punishment Palace forcefully.

In the midst of the protest, a silhouette quietly appeared in the center of the palace. This newcomer was a tall man clad in a long, plain robe held together by a python patterned jade belt.

"My queen," he addressed Elena but did not bow to her.

Elena smiled at him cordially atop her throne. "Gunter, what's wrong?"

she asked the Demon Night Supreme Lord.

There weren't a lot of Supreme Lords in their race. They only had four so far. This was taking into account the hundreds of supreme worlds and countless sacred places that the Demon Night occupied. Supreme Lord Leroy was able to obtain the Crown of Destiny with the help of Lavender and her clansmen.

This did not mean that the Demon Night was weak, but only 128 creatures were given the privilege to bear the Heavenly Destiny. No matter how gifted a newcomer was, he or she could not ascend the role if all positions had been filled up.

It did not matter how talented warriors were. Without the Crown of Destiny, they would never be able to break through.

Supreme Lord Gunter was one of Elena's supporters and his presence here made her nervous.

Did he come here for the exact same reason those elders that currently protested at her gates had? Was he here to dissuade her?

That might be troublesome if that was the case. Supreme Lord Gunter's suggestion would be something she could not set aside so easily.

However, his next words made her heave a sigh of relief.

"The heavens trembled," he said.

"The heavens trembled?" Elena repeated and a trace of ruthlessness appeared on her exquisite face.

She was not a Supreme Lord and did not bear the Heavenly Destiny, so she could not feel the vibration of the heavens.

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