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   Chapter 1483 Unconvinced

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Livingston threw himself crazily onto the cyan brick, as if he had met his most beloved lover after a long absence.

After lying on the ground for a short while, his gaze shifted to the wide open space in the fairy palace.

Clank! Clank!

He then lay down on the ground again and began to carefully observe the details on the floor which was over one hundred feet in length and width.

"No way!"

After a while, he let out a high-pitched shriek of excitement.

Immediately afterwards, he used his claw to carefully tap on the floor and shouted in disbelief, "This is emperor vigor stone, a genuine emperor vigor stone! All my life, I've only seen a piece of emperor vigor stone once, and it was only palm-sized."

Livingston had enjoyed an exceptionally long lifespan, even longer than those of some of the Supreme Lords. Just as the puppet had said, the emperor vigor stone was indeed extremely rare.

However, the floor of the fairy palace, which was as huge as a plaza, was completely inlaid with the priceless emperor vigor stones. It did seem extremely exaggerated.

A hint of a smile flashed onto Zen's face as he watched Livingston's crazed performance while the puppet continued to admire the stones. It seemed that Zen had found a knowledgeable fellow this time.

Zen had known that the fairy palace was extraordinary, but he hadn't truly noticed the floor and walls before. He would also never have thought that the materials needed to build the fairy palace would be so rare. It gave him quite a shock to discover this.

Just then, Saul appeared. He greeted Zen with a slight bow. Then he smiled warmly and said, "Master, you've returned."

Zen had previously obtained three tokens and had acknowledged the first master of the fairy palace as his master, so he was now considered to be a half-master of the fairy palace.

Before Zen could reply to Saul's greeting, Livingston rushed forwards.

"Are you a puppet?" Livingston crawled all over Saul as he looked him up and down, sometimes tapping on Saul's legs and sometimes tapping on his chest. "You are really a puppet! Heavens! I didn't ever believe it possible for someone to be able to make such a perfect puppet!"

Livingston was very proud of his skills in weapon refining, but he didn't hold a candle to the creator of Saul.

Although the puppet that Livingston had made for himself was ugly, it contained an incomparably perfect Life Law within it. This was also the reason why his soul had been able to live until now without withering over time.

In Livingston's eyes, except for him, there had probably never been anyone else in the world who could achieve such a remarkable accomplishment.

However, now that he saw Saul's puppet body, Livingston finally understood what it meant to have met his match, or perhaps his peer. His own puppet body was simply insignificant when compared to Saul's.

Saul looked at Livingston and said with an indifferent expression, "Don't touch me so randomly."

Livingston was deeply fascinated, and he was not willing to stop. How could he? Although he had stoppe

inaudible cry. Then he once again took out life vitality jades, supported Livingston up into a sitting position, and slotted the life vitality jades into the groove on his back.

Very soon, Livingston was able to move again. Immediately after he recovered, he said, "Why can't I go in the workshop?"

Zen shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. "The reason is simple. I don't have the right to enter it, so neither do you."


Livingston let out a miserable cry and leaned back against the invisible barrier. He eagerly looked at the workshop, which was just out of reach, wanting to open a hole on the door. "How can I get in?"

"It depends on luck," Zen answered.

Zen would definitely push his way through the True Path. After all, he only had three tokens with him. However, he wasn't too sure if he could obtain the token to open the weapon refining workshop, so he didn't make Livingston any promises.

Livingston was very disappointed as there was clearly no hope for him to enter the workshop. He clambered to his feet to follow Zen in leaving, but turned to look back repeatedly with every reluctant step. He kept saying, "It depends on luck? What kind of luck will it take to open the workshop?"

Saul, who was leading the way, calmly said, "With your lowly weapon refining skills, even if you manage to open the workshop, you still won't be qualified to control it!"

"How is that possible?"

Livingston, after years of believing that he was the best weapon refiner, was not convinced by Saul's doubt.

People could doubt everything about him, like his life, but he absolutely would not allow them to doubt his weapon refining skills. He had intentionally turned himself into an ugly puppet just to survive in the world and study his refining skills. How could people doubt him without even knowing all that he had survived?

Saul smiled faintly. He pointed at the library and said in a conciliatory tone, "My master's library contains a myriad of things, including many books on weapon refining. You are free to read them."

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