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   Chapter 1482 To The North

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It was very dangerous for martial artists to expose themselves in the Upper World.

A single Roaring Token that could be used infinitely was enough to cause many Supreme Lords to fight over it.

Nonetheless, Zen didn't even hesitate to transmit his voice using Roaring Token. He was obviously ready to throw caution to the wind.

Lavender knew that Zen still had the fairy palace to rely on. However, Elena, as well as many Supreme Lords, had tailed him.

Zen could easily compete with Spirit Supreme Realm powerhouses with his strength. But what if he faced those Spirit Transformation Realm martial artists? Or world lords? Or Supreme Lords?

There wouldn't be an option for Zen to retreat if that happened. He was too impulsive.

He wasn't the type of person to bother about those things though. He just followed his heart regardless of how dangerous his decisions were. He was ready to pay any price.

Looking at the corpses of Salvador, Aneisha, Viveca, and Elspeth, he asked, "How should we deal with them?"

Lavender sighed lightly and replied, "Keep their corpses for the time being. If I can return to the Demon Night one day, I'll bury them in the queens' tomb."

One of the highest honors a martial artist of Demon Night could get was to be buried in the queens' tomb. Only the greatest martial artists and those who had made special contributions to the Demon Night could be buried there.

Although Lavender couldn't bury them in the tomb now, it didn't mean she wouldn't be able to do it in the future.

World lords' corpses would not rot even after ten thousand years. It wouldn't be difficult to store them away. Following Lavender's instructions, Zen carefully stored the four corpses.

Lavender then floated at the end of the Reincarnation Plate and stopped before a spear.

Salvador had thrown out his spear before killing himself. Now it was stuck on the surface of the Reincarnation Plate.

"This is the North Dawn Spear. It was forged from the north dawn crystal. I gave this to Salvador. I didn't expect that he still used it after such a long time," she muttered.

The North Dawn Spear was only a first-rank divine weapon. Although it was on the list of the Spirit Tablet, its rank was not high. It was ranked around seven thousandth.

In reality, Salvador had the ability to acquire a supreme divine weapon when he was still alive. However, he chose to stay with this spear for a long time.

Lavender stretched her hand to take out the North Dawn Spear. She stroke it gently, running her delicate fingers to its shaft. Not long after, a soft smile appeared on her face as she turned around and placed the spear into Zen's space ring.

The Reincarnation Plate continued to fly deep into space.

There were 100, 000 supreme worl

eya, and Lavender followed him.

The instant they entered, the scenery around them underwent a tremendous change. The originally small fairy palace suddenly became incomparably tall and the towering walls rose up more than thousands of feet.

Freya curiously looked around. The fairy palace was very new to her. She couldn't figure out where Zen came from. How could a Soul Sea Realm martial artist have such a fairy palace like this?

"This... This fairy palace..." Livingston's face was filled with astonishment.

Freya, on the other hand, couldn't contain her curiosity. She knew that the fairy palace was extraordinary but she couldn't see anything special about it.

However, Livingston was different.

When his gaze landed on the walls of the fairy palace, the two rays of light on his head began to flicker.

"Oh my God!"

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Livingston stepped forward rapidly. It was hard to imagine how an old puppet could move so fast.

Then, he threw himself onto a wall, stretched out his claw and gently drew a line on the cyan brick.

The brick was not very sturdy. As Livingston scratched it with his claw made of metal, a shallow groove was left. Surprisingly, a moment later, the groove started to wiggle and returned to normal.

"This, this is... A cyan brick made of light peace sand!" Excitement was flooding Livingston's face. He took two steps back, looked at the wall which was thousands of feet tall, and exclaimed with even more excitement, "The whole wall is made of light peace sand!"

Freya asked curiously, "What is light peace sand?" In her eyes, this was just an ordinary cyan brick.

"It is the best material! That is impossible! I dare say no one is able to gather so much light peace sand throughout the universe. Ha! I'm going crazy!" Livingston seemed to be unable to control his emotions.

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