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   Chapter 1481 The Despicable Queen

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Lavender stared blankly at Zen. She looked like a doll without emotions.

In a moment of great grief, her mind stopped working.

Zen looked at her with pity. Seeing that Lavender was unable to move, with a simple thought he controlled her light sword spirit and pulled her into his embrace.

With her hands hanging down, Lavender still did not move.

'You didn't kill them.

This is exactly what Elena wanted. Either the four of them would die, or you would die. This is not your fault.

I will help you kill Elena. I will help you! I promise!'

Zen thought.

"Thank you!" Lavender said.

"What?" Zen was stunned.

A trace of gleam flashed Lavender's dazed eyes. Her mind was connected to Zen's, so she could feel his determination and decisiveness as his thoughts ran over his mind.

"I won't compromise. I promise you I'll kill her!" Lavender said softly.

She was sad because of the death of Salvador, Aneisha, Viveca and Elspeth who had once been faithful to her. She had started her path as a remnant and she had put a lot of energy into becoming so strong. She would not change her mind so easily after she made a decision.

When Zen saw that Lavender had recovered a little, the corner of his mouth curled up slightly. However, he continued to ask, "Who is that? Who do you talk about?"

"Elena! I will kill her with my own bare hands!" Lavender's voice grew louder and louder and a hint of lust for blood appeared in her eyes.

Zen continued to encourage her, "Say it louder!"

"I will kill you, Elena!" Lavender kept on screaming out loud. Her voice, which was usually very melodious, turned into a high-pitched scream, just like the angry roar of a young girl.

The fury in her eyes became intense as did her killing intent.

Zen, on the other hand, pointed his finger at the sky full of stars, saying, "They can't hear you. You have to speak louder!"

Lavender wanted to keep on shouting but Zen extended a finger and pressed it on her lips. With a slight smile, he took out the Roaring Token, which had already been already activated. "Now they can hear you."

Lavender tensed up as her chest contracted. She then roared with the Roaring Token.

As such, the entire universe was filled with a high-pitched scream. It was a declaration that resounded throughout the entire universe.

"Elena! I will kill you! You will pay for this!"

An intense scream suddenly burst out, making all the living creatures in the universe get startled. Some fierce beasts who had yet to develop their intelligence grew so restless that they started attacking without reason.

After a while, Elena's voice was heard once again. "Ha-ha! You want to kill me? Lavender, do you think that you are safe? I just sent you

s would surely notice and think of this matter just as Freya did.

More than a year ago, a mysterious young man appeared with many Roaring Tokens that he used to curse Amritpal. Then, he used the Roaring Tokens to chat with a mysterious woman.

No one had figured out who that mysterious woman was. During this one year, she and that mysterious young man seemed to have disappeared.

Afterwards, Lavender's voice suddenly resounded throughout the universe. Not long after that, the voice of the mysterious young man could be heard once more.

Anyone could see that the mysterious man was Zen who spoke now and Lavender's Roaring Tokens should have come from him.

"Hey, young man, you have so many Roaring Tokens. Where did you get them?" As expected, at this time, a Supreme Lord roared out a question to Zen with a Roaring Token.

Zen was not afraid at all. He had already provoked Elena and wasn't afraid of provoking a Supreme Lord. "It's none of your business!"

The Supreme Lord became infuriated at Zen's answer. "Brat, do you know who you're talking to?"

"You are a Supreme Lord, right? So what?" Zen replied.

"Since you know who I am, are you not afraid of being killed? You know I can find you through the Demon Night, right?" the Supreme Lord said with a sneer.

Hearing these words, Zen once again activated the Roaring Token and laughed arrogantly. "I can block the Queen of Punishment's chase. So even if there is one more Supreme Lord attacking me, I can still easily deal with this situation. Why do you think I would be afraid of your threats?"

His words were extremely arrogant. Lavender reached out her hand to cover the Roaring Token while she smiled and shook her head. "Alright, I'm fine now. You can put it away now."

She knew that Zen had put in a lot of effort just for her sake.

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