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   Chapter 1480 Suicide

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Salvador's eyes softened as he saw Lavender, and he withdrew the long spear that he'd been holding and intending to stab her with.

The four people who had been attacking the Reincarnation Plate paused at the same time.

Lavender gently flapped her wings and descended slowly to stand behind the Reincarnation Plate, fixing a stoical gaze on the four people in front of her. "Why did you stop?"

The four of them remained silent.

They had been through an excruciating ordeal, having chased the Incarnation Plate all the way here.

They had battle of contradicting emotions going in their hearts during the chase. The enormous Reincarnation Plate was just a buffer.

They knew they could smash it. But what would happen next?

Would they really kill Lavender?

The four of them glanced at each other, despair filling their eyes.

Lavender understood their expressions and their situation. She smiled what could only be an indifferent yet dangerous smile as she gently waved the long spear in her hands. "Who will make the first move?"

None of the four moved.

Lavender was strong enough to use Faith Energy but was still too weak to fight them.

With their strength, they could kill her in an instant.

But the four of them were stiff as statues as they flew behind the Reincarnation Plate.

Not a single one of them charged forward.

The Reincarnation Plate flew through space, the two sides in a strange kind of stalemate.

Suddenly, ringing laughter resounded in the universe once again. Elena's voice.

"If you don't do it, I will! The Punishment of Eternal Night has not been used in a long time!"

The faces of the four darkened at Elena's declaration.

The Punishment of Eternal Night was one of the cruelest punishments of the Demon Night.

If Elena used it to punish them, their clans would suffer the most and die. The pain of the physical body wasn't the point. In fact, in the Punishment of Eternal Night, the souls of their clansmen would be extracted and placed in a Demon Night's soul prison, in which there was no life or death; only eternal torture.

Usually, only the most sinful traitors of the Demon Night were punished with Punishment of Eternal Night.

But now, it was going to be used on their loved ones.

"I'll give you guys five minutes to think about it. After that, you won't have a choice." Elena's voice dripped sweetness, and it was obvious she was enjoying this moment the most.

Once Elena's words had faded out, Sa

e fly freely in the universe. He opened an exit and arrived at the end of the plate.

He saw Lavender sitting there alone, four dead powerhouses standing lifelessly before her, pierced through by the Cold Plum Blood Spear.

All of these four had the strength to traverse the universe, and they were more powerful than many grand world lords. Even their corpses emitted a powerful aura.

Zen floated over to stand silently behind Lavender.

She was his sword spirit, and he and she had always been one. Even though he stood behind her and did not see her sorrowful expression, he could still feel her pain.

The four of them were probably facing a deathtrap, already having prepared this plan in their hearts.

They didn't want to kill their queen.

But disobeying Elena's orders meant that they had to watch their own family members, relatives, and clans suffer in Punishment of Eternal Night, which was something they weren't willing to see.

In this kind of conflict, they could only choose to die by Lavender's spear. Only by committing suicide like this could it not be considered as disobeying Elena's will.

"Lavender, get up," Zen suddenly said.

She didn't move.

"Get up!"

Lavender still did not move.

So Zen began to control his sword spirit with a single thought. Thanks to this, Lavender's body started to float off the ground.

She was the body of Zen's sword spirit, and he could control her on his own. But after Lavender's soul took over the sword spirit's body, it was usually controlled by her.

Under Zen's control, Lavender floated in the air, looking at him, her eyes lacking the vigor they had in the past.

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