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   Chapter 1479 The Past

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The sound of Lavender's voice drifted out of the Reincarnation Plate and echoed in this space.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Salvador swung the spear in his hand and knelt down on one knee with eyes dark as ink.

"My queen."

He was dressed in a snow-white robe and his long silvery-gray hair hung behind him. His delicate face was more beautiful than the face of any of the women that accompanied him.

Salvador was the only man in the group. The other three—Aneisha, Viveca and Elspeth—were all women.

As Salvador knelt down on one knee, Aneisha, Viveca and Elspeth all followed suit.

In the Reincarnation Plate, Lavender looked attentively at the four. "You... How have you been?"

At Lavender's greeting, the four warriors trembled as they recalled their troublesome past.

Seven hundred years ago, a vision happened in the universe. A crack appeared in the intact heavens; a corpse fell from it and landed on the Dark Purple Star.

It was said that the corpse was the body of a True God.

Countless races in the Upper World were excited at the news and sent warriors to the Dark Purple Star to investigate the corpse. The Demon Night was no exception. Lavender sent Salvador, Aneisha, Viveca and Elspeth to the Dark Purple Star too.

That day, Lavender saw them off in person from her Hollow Hall.

The four warriors would have to compete with the top warriors of the other races, but Lavender had faith in them. Together, they could defeat a Supreme Lord.

While Supreme Lords seldom showed interest in these types of happenings, this mission was not that hard to the four of them.

However, right after the four left, Lavender was struck with a bad feeling that made her feel ill. She could tell that something bad was about to happen, but she didn't know what exactly it was.

Whenever this type of feelings came over her, she would ask Supreme Lord Leroy for counsel. But this time, Supreme Lord Leroy was still in closed-door cultivation, and she couldn't interrupt him.

Right at that moment, Lavender heard the sound of chains. Then, she saw Elena appearing in front of the Hollow Hall. She was wearing a blue armor, the Saint Sky Armor, and holding her weapon, the Saint Thunder Meteor Hammer.

The Saint Sky Armor and Saint Thunder Meteor Hammer were two supreme divine weapons of the Demon Night. They both ranked top 50 in the Universe Spirit Tablet. When Lavender saw Elena armed, she immediately realized what she was up to.

Instantly, the Saint Killing Spear appeared in Lavender's hand. Meanwhile, ripples quivered across the surface of Lavender's Pool of Faith. She adopted the fighting stance and began to extract the Faith Energy from the Pool of Faith.

If Lavender was in her best condition, with the help of her Pool of Faith and her spear, she co

at that time.

That invisible spear strike stabbed the surface of the Reincarnation Plate, bursting out with a huge noise.


The Reincarnation Plate didn't break, but its surface caved in notably.

Meanwhile, the other three ran after the Reincarnation Plate and used their own weapons to attack it.

Bang! Bang!

Zen frowned and didn't say a word. He was focused on controlling the Reincarnation Plate, which moved forward at full speed. Salvador, Aneisha, Viveca and Elspeth chased after the Reincarnation Plate and kept moving forward attacking it.

Not long after, cracks appeared on the surface of the Reincarnation Plate one after another. No matter how fast the Reincarnation Plate moved forward, it was unable to shake the four off.

Crack! Crack!

The divine textures around Zen exploded one by one.

"They are too powerful. The Reincarnation Plate is unable to stop them," Livingston said with a bitter smile. "I'm afraid it will break under their attacks."

Nervousness was written all over Freya's face. She even tried to hold back her breath in order not to disturb Zen. She knew she was of little use at this moment. All she could do was keep quiet.

"Let me out!" Lavender suddenly said.

"No!" Zen turned her down without hesitation. Lavender's soul had recovered 60% and her sword spirit body was more powerful now. She might be able to fight a Spirit Transformation Realm warrior, but she was unable to block a world lord's strike.

"The Pool of Faith is not sealed yet, so I can stall them for a while longer." After saying that, Lavender activated several divine textures around them.

Holding the Cold Plum Blood Spear, Lavender appeared outside the Reincarnation Plate. As soon as she left the Reincarnation Plate, the huge wings formed by the Faith Energy spread on her back. She swung her spear and stood before Salvador.

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