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   Chapter 1478 Lavender's Subordinates

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Freya carefully walked in an empty world.

The background of the palace had disappeared. She felt like she was walking on the floor, but the ground below was now transparent, and she could clearly see the mountains and rivers far below. What a strange feeling it was.

"Zen, where are we?" Freya asked curiously.

"The Reincarnation Plate," Zen replied.

Freya's face became depressed. Zen's answer was the same as not answering. Where did this big space tool come from?

Zen smiled when he saw Freya's expression. He then briefly recounted what had happened after Freya left. After listening to him, she suddenly came to a realization.

"So the Endless Abyss turns out to be a gigantic space tool." Freya's expression became filled with surprise.

Space tools weren't anything rare. They were quite commonly seen in both the Upper and the Lower Worlds, but it was simply inconceivable that the Reincarnation Plate was in fact a space tool which could block the full force attacks of world lords.

A world lord, as the name suggested, was the lord of a world.

In the entire universe, there were trillions of lives. World lords were only ranked second to Supreme Lords.

Being coerced by Zen, the world lord had to let Freya go. For a moment, Freya didn't know how to express her complicated mix of feelings.

The ogre Saint Lord had used her to threaten Zen, but Zen didn't give up on her or run away. Instead, he had tried to think of a way to save her. When she thought about this, she felt warm in her heart. Zen had not abandoned her.

"Where are we going now?" Freya asked after thinking for a while.

"Now we have to leave the Dark World. If we don't leave now, I'm afraid we won't be able to leave later." Zen's expression had turned more serious.

The Reincarnation Plate was indeed incomparably sturdy, and able to block the attacks of the ogre Saint Lord. But there were simply too many powerhouses throughout the universe. Although the ogre Saint Lord was as strong as a world lord, he still was not a world lord. The real world lords would be much stronger than him.

And now that Lavender's identity had been exposed, Elena would lose no time to make her move. She would definitely send her men to chase down and kill Lavender. It was very likely that she would send world lords, grand world lords and even Supreme Lords. Those were odds that even Zen would struggle with.

The situation was still very grim, and now was definitely not the time to relax or let down their guard.

"Where are we going after leaving the Dark World?" Lavender asked the same question.

"Hmm?" Zen was slightly surprised.

When he thought of this, traces of hesitation appeared on his face.

Should he return to the alliance?

The alliance's three thousand worlds would be able to accommodate him. Furthermore, he had joined the alliance's Gauze Pavilion and possessed quite a few privileges in the alliance.

But now that both his and Lavender's identities had been exposed,

oven their mettle.

In the past, they were all juniors of the Demon Night, but by then, Lavender had become a queen, and they became her guards.

Salvador had almost sacrificed his life to protect Lavender while exploring the Endless Abyss. He would have gladly done so in the past. Yet, now it seemed that he was here to claim that life.

100, 000 years later, the four had already become world lords, but their status and strength were even higher than those of normal world lords.

They had held good relationships with Lavender, but now they were sent here by Elena to chase down Lavender.

In fact, Elena had many powerhouses that served her, and some of them were much stronger even than these four, but since she had chosen to send them to kill Lavender, she must be fully confident in their abilities. At the same time, Elena wanted to show off.

'Lavender, these people were the closest to you, but they have chosen to betray you. What qualifications do you have to fight with me?'

Elena thought to herself arrogantly. This was exactly the reason why she had sent Salvador, Aneisha, Viveca and Elspeth.

Hearing Lavender's voice suddenly change, Zen controlled the Reincarnation Plate as he rapidly advanced. He turned his head and stared blankly at Lavender, seeing her pain and disappointment. However, he didn't know how to comfort her.


At this moment, there was another violent vibration.

One of the four was a martial artist in a white robe. He held a pale green long spear in his hands. With the thrust of his spear, he had nearly flipped the entire Reincarnation Plate over!

"His spear attack is so strong!" Zen's eyes narrowed as he tried to control the divine textures. It was only with great difficulty that he finally managed to stabilize the Reincarnation Plate.

Just then, Lavender said, "Let me talk to them."

Zen remained silent as he activated another divine texture. Then, Lavender's voice drifted out from within the Reincarnation Plate.

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