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   Chapter 1477 Retreat

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The ogre Saint Lord had struck a terrifyingly powerful blow but it still hadn't been able to stop the Reincarnation Plate.

"If you don't stop, I'll kill this human girl right now!" the voice of the ogre Saint Lord sounded once again.

Zen snorted before replying coldly, "I will flatten your sacred place if you dare kill her!"

Having said this, Zen acted immediately and increased the speed of the Reincarnation Plate.

Under Zen's control, the massive Reincarnation Plate began to gather speed. As it flew up in the air, it caused a giant tornado that quickly swept over the place.

Zen looked on in amazement as the speed of the Reincarnation Plate far exceeded his imagination.

Flying through a supreme world usually took a long time. In order to save time, most martial artists chose to go through the supreme world channel.

Their original location and the sacred place of the ogres were quite far apart. Even if the warriors of the Soul Sea Realm made a round trip between these two places, it would still take them a long, long time if they didn't go through a supreme world channel.

But now that Zen was being pursued by the ogre Saint Lord, in less than two hours he saw a number of black buildings with unusual styles crop up. This was one of the biggest cities of the ogre race. Zen had already reached the territory of the ogres.

He made the Reincarnation Plate crash downwards with an ear-splitting rumble.

It plowed through the earth, dragging into existence a ditch that was hundreds of miles long and several miles wide.

If one looked from the sky, it looked like a horrible scar had suddenly appeared across this large ogre city.

And nobody knew how many of the ogres living in the city had died.

The ogre Saint Lord's eyes flashed as he saw this scene.

This guy really acted on his words!

This ogre city was only a border city and the ogre Saint Lord wouldn't necessarily care if it was destroyed. But if this fellow were to continue destroying cities like this and if he reached the core area of the sacred place, it was possible that he would completely destroy all the property that the Saint Lord had accumulated over the years!

A deep rumble sounded again.

The Reincarnation Plate continued to wreak havoc on the city and carried devastating disasters with it wherever it went.

All the ogre martial artists in the city flew up, all of them looking at this massive plate in shock and anger. These burly ogre martial artists looked like insignificant mosquitoes in front of the Reincarnation Plate. They had no idea why such a catastrophe should come to them.

Some of the ogre warriors even tried to fight back. But even the ogre Saint Lord couldn't shake the Reincarnation Plate off and they were only ca

rance that Supreme Lord Osborn had meticulously set up.

However, once Zen took control of the Reincarnation Plate, he sealed off the entrance. He knew through these divine textures that there were many entrances to the Reincarnation Plate, and one of them was at the very bottom.

The ogre Saint Lord stood on the sidelines in silence.

Zen said to him rather nastily, "You, get way from here!"

The ogre Saint Lord's face flashed at Zen's words. He was a dignified Saint Lord! How could he tolerate a junior shouting at him like this?

"You brat-" the ogre Saint Lord gritted his teeth as he spoke.

"I don't want to waste time listening to your nonsense. If you don't want your tenth grade sacred place to be destroyed, then move away!" Zen's voice sounded again from the Reincarnation Plate, his tone indicating that there was no room for argument.

The ogre Saint Lord let out a long breath, but all he could do was step far away from this place.

The ogre Saint Lord had originally had a plan. If this human girl were to enter the Reincarnation Plate, Zen would definitely open an entrance. He could take this opportunity to travel over space and enter it.

But chances of success were very slim. Moreover, this boy had a personality that told him he would definitely take revenge. If he were to fail, his tenth grade sacred place might really be destroyed.

After much consideration, he chose to retreat.

What he didn't know was that there was a Crown of Destiny in the Reincarnation Plate.

The tremor of the heavens caused by the Crown of Destiny could only be felt by the one hundred and twenty-eight Supreme Lords.

This Crown of Destiny was something that could make any world lord go crazy for it. If he had known this, he would probably have gone all out, since it was a chance to carry the Heavenly Destiny!

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