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   Chapter 1476 Threat

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The moment the Reincarnation Plate lifted off the ground, the three Saint Lords appeared above the Auspice City.

As they looked at the plate, they couldn't help but frown.

The warriors of the Dark World truly had many conjectures—some could speculate that the huge underground palace could be some kind of space tool.

When seeing such a massive magic treasure, all of them were surprised.

But the three Saint Lords all belonged to different forces, so they all had different thoughts on their minds.

Naturally, the Saint Lord of the Demon Night forbade Lavender to leave. Although she was rather inwardly hesitant, she also knew that there was no other way out—if she let Lavender go, she would be implicating the entire Purple Bamboo Sacred Place.

But before she could even make a move, the eyes of the ogre Saint Lord flashed as he burst out in a cold laughter, "Heavenly Ogre Palm Print!"

Even though the Saint Lord of a tenth-grade sacred place wasn't considered a world lord, he still had the same extent of cultivation base. That in itself made him extremely powerful.

The instant the Saint Lord attacked, all the vitality between heaven and earth in the sky above the Auspice City began to move in chaos. A massive palm print formed in the sky, no smaller than the Reincarnation Plate.

In the depths of the plate, the palace surrounding Zen completely disappeared, leaving only himself and the three thousand six hundred divine textures.

From where he stood, Zen could see everything that was happening in the outside world. As the giant palm print came into view, a hint of seriousness flashed through his eyes.

It would have been ideal if he could flee through the Reincarnation Plate—if it were to be broken, he would have no choice but to make use of the token that read 'mountain' to get back to the fairy place. But that was Zen's last resort—he firmly decided not to do it unless he didn't have any other choice.

The palm print contained the power of extermination of all living things—it was the strongest attack Zen had ever seen.

Even if he had a divine weapon body, that wouldn't have stopped him from disappearing into thin air under the power of the giant palm print. Although Livingston was confident in the Reincarnation Plate, Zen's and Lavender's expressions turned grave.


After an exploding sound, the palm print suddenly covered the Reincarnation Plate, making it rattle and descend several dozen feet.

Zen's feet were firmly rooted to the ground. Both his hands moved like shuttles as he controlled the divine textures, doing his best to stabilize the plate's height.

"Haha! This guy may have the cultiva

threat would be useless. Because Freya was merely good-looking, not as powerful nor precious as she was made out to be, Zen probably wasn't willing to hand over the Reincarnation Plate because of her.

"The consequences of not handing over the Reincarnation Plate is very simple." After the ogre Saint Lord finished those words, the two little snakes coiled around Freya's white neck, spitting out slender, forked tongues. "These Iron Snakes can make this woman suffer terrible torment, enough that she would wish for death."

Zen's face turned gloomy as he stared at Freya. After a moment of pondering, he suddenly sneered. Then he said, "I understand, but you seem to be the Saint Lord of a tenth-grade ogre sacred place."

"So what?" The ogre only snorted.

"I wonder if this tenth-grade sacred place is important to you. I remember that it should be up north in the Dark World. But I don't know if you'd be sad if I destroyed this tenth-grade ogre sacred place!"

"How dare you!" Hearing this, the ogre Saint Lord got furious.

But with a wave of his hand, over a hundred divine textures were activated. The entire Reincarnation Plate slowly spun before shooting to the north.

The Reincarnation Plate was a space tool used by the Supreme Lord, with an extremely fast speed of travel. Relying on the plate, Zen managed to block the attacks of the Saint Lords. But he couldn't make his counterattack. The three thousand six hundred divine textures didn't have such an ability.

Just by relying on the enormous size of the plate and its unshakeable outer shell, it was enough to set a rampage within the ogre sacred place.


In a flash, the ogre Saint Lord caught up from behind and once again placed his palm on the Reincarnation Plate, intending to stop Zen.

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