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   Chapter 1473 The Shake Of The Heavens

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The experience of walking along the road of stars was indescribable.

Zen and Lavender could not help but size up the surrounding stars.

Those countless stars were densely packed. No one knew what method Livingston had used to imprint the stars in the previous round of heavens and condense them into a star plate of this size.

Similar to the stars that Zen communicated with, the sizes of these stars differed greatly from one another.

Some of the stars were several dozen or even a hundred times larger than a person. However, most of the stars were like tiny grains of sand, extremely tiny.


As Zen walked along the road of stars, he noticed a small azure star floating beside him. It was only the size of a fingernail. Nonetheless, it was extremely beautiful as its surface seemed to be covered by a sea. It was just that it was so tiny, so Zen couldn't see its surface clearly.

Other than this tiny star, there was also a fireball that was countless times larger than it.

"It's so beautiful!" Lavender exclaimed.

However, just as Zen was about to reach out and grab the azure star, Livingston at his side stopped him. "There are many stars in the star plate and every single one of them is very important. They are part of the Milky Way. Thus, you can't take them away."

Zen shrugged his shoulders. He let go of the small azure star and continued to walk forward.

Although the road of stars didn't seem long, he realized that it was indeed very long while he was walking. Livingston's body was clattering as he led them. Thus, they were walking really slowly.

It took about an hour for Zen to realize that the distance between him and the center of the Milky Way was not getting any shorter.

"How long will it take for us to walk like this?" he asked.

"Well, crossing this half of the star plate at this speed will take about two days and two nights. Back then, I spent hundreds of years building the star plate, and every star was completed..."

Zen rolled his eyes. He did not wait for Livingston to finish speaking before he grabbed Livingston and started sprinting on the road of stars.

Now he had to make the best use of his time. He must be nuts if he followed Livingston's pace.

After a short while, Zen had crossed over half of the star plate and arrived at the center of the Milky Way. There was a massive sphere of light, emitting blinding scarlet rays.

The sphere of light was around 10, 000 feet wide. The sand-like stars that surrounded it were almost negligible.

"Is this the sun of the last

ed and twenty-ninth one?! It is impossible! No one can forcefully be one of us!"

He was not the only one to be shocked. In fact, all of the other Supreme Lords in the universe were looking up at the sky in confusion too. What was happening before them exceeded their scope of knowledge.

There was no Supreme Lord in this universe at the beginning of a new grand era. Therefore, there was no one to bear the Heavenly Destiny.

But as millions upon millions of years passed, the universe, which had suffered the mass extinction, began to give birth to new life forms.

The races were slowly established and evolved in the span of hundreds of millions of years due to various reasons.

Then, a competition started.

There was a limit to the number of the Supreme Lords that bore the Heavenly Destiny. As the saying went, the early bird caught the worm.

At this point, whoever could surpass the world lord level would be bestowed the title of Supreme Lord and be able to bear the Heavenly Destiny.

Humans were at the forefront in this grand era under this new round of heavens called Cosmos. Thus, humans had the highest number of Supreme Lords. With the Supreme Lords of the three great human forces added together, the Supreme Lords of other races were far from matching this number.

In a perfect situation, nobody would be able to become a Supreme Lord anymore since there were already one hundred and twenty-eight Supreme Lords. Even if other martial artists surpassed the world lord level, they shouldn't be getting to the Supreme Lord level anymore. They would have to wait for the Supreme Lords to die first before they could seize their Heavenly Destiny and become new Supreme Lords.

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