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   Chapter 1472 Osborn

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The stars before them were a complete, albeit scaled-down version of the universe. It was, quite frankly, a magnificent sight!

However, Zen didn't just jump into the abyss to go through all those tests just to see stars.

He reached out to grab his spirit beast bag to pull out Livingston.

The puppet had been forcibly stuffed into the spirit beast bag previously, so when he got out, he immediately took in his surroundings.

"Huh? You've barged into Osborn's residence!" Livingston exclaimed.

The puppet was someone of great origins. Both Zen's and Lavender's eyes lit up at his remark.

Zen hadn't had the time to bring Livingston out lately because of all the things he had to do while in the abyss. He only found an opportunity to finally seek counsel with the puppet after reaching the bottom. He figured that asking Livingston for advice would be useful in breaking through this stage.

"Oops, that's not right," Livingston said with a laugh. "The entire Endless Abyss is technically Osborn's residence. But this small Milky Way was constructed by me personally. It is a complete replica of our universe down to the very last star. Whatever you see here is in sync with the sky outside. Osborn used it to cultivate his Transcendent Divine Might—Star Plucking Technique!"

Zen immediately shot Lavender a look.

The sight of this Milky Way had awed them, but Livingston's revelation had now truly put them in a state of bewilderment.

"Star Plucking Technique? Transcendent Divine Might?" Lavender repeated in wonder.

The Transcendent Divine Might was something that only a Supreme Lord could create. There might be a lot of Supreme Lords in this universe, but that number remained constant and Lavender knew just about every single one of them. However, this was the first time she had heard of the Star Plucking Technique.

Only two kinds of Transcendent Divine Might used the power of the stars; one was Zen's incomplete "Stellar Body" while the other was the "Dual Forest of Stars Theurgy" cultivated by an ogre Supreme Lord. She had never heard of a third technique.

"Even I do not know of this Star Plucking Technique," the cyan dragon said.

Lavender shot a look at the rotating stars. "The universe regards the heavens as a supreme existence. Do you know the name of the current round of heavens?"

Each round of heavens had its own will and its own name.

The origins of this ancient yet unknown

y imagine the kind of weapons the greatest weapon refiner could make.

However, that was a discussion for later. There was still a more important matter at hand.

"Was Osborn a Supreme Lord of the previous round of heavens?" Zen asked.

Livingston nodded in confirmation before walking towards the miniature universe in front of them. He reached out to casually pick up a star and the entire galaxy revolved at a much faster speed. Zen and Lavender could only watch as a path started to form right in the middle of the Milky Way.

"Back then, in order to have a long lifespan, I begged Osborn to find the rarest material in the entire universe to help me create this puppet body. The price was to stay in this place and help him refine weapons for 400, 000 years. This puppet body is driven by life vitality, and I am unable to absorb vitality between heaven and earth. Osborn would send me a massive amount of life vitality jades once in a while, but suddenly, the deliveries stopped."

After using up the life vitality jades, Livingston was lulled into a deep slumber and the rest was history.

"I created this Milky Way. Osborn should have died long ago. I wonder what other treasures he left behind. Come with me," he said, beckoning them towards him. Zen couldn't help but notice the tinge of sadness in the puppet's tone.

Billions of years had passed in a single dream. The world he once knew was no more and the friends he once had were all dead. Livingston was alive, but the world he knew was already dead.

Zen and Lavender followed behind him into that ray of starlight within the rotating Milky Way.

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