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   Chapter 1471 A Whirlpool

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The dark abyss was illuminated by strings of lightning segments intertwined with each other, which formed a single thick lightning bolt that hung in the abyss.

Every time Zen touched the lightning bolt, a thunderous roar erupted from the abyss, accompanied by explosions of 30 to 40 feet wide balls of lightning.

The lightning balls were terrifyingly powerful. The Thunder Law inside them had broken through the limit of the fifth layer, and had reached a degree which Zen couldn't understand anymore.

Such was its tremendous power, that even Zen's divine weapon body found it hard to resist.

However, Zen still sped downwards with gritted teeth. He had reached his speed's limit, so it was impossible for him to stop even if he wanted to.


A lighting ball exploded under Zen's feet. Blazing white light erupted from the explosion and shone harshly upon Zen's eyes, followed by a huge force of impact which began to press down on him.


As a result, the huge impact stopped Zen's descent, and he was sent flying high up while his whole body spun in the air.

Zen soon stabilized his body after that disastrous incident, but a stream of blood flowed from the corner of his lips.

"This is too dangerous!" he mumbled.

His eyebrows twisted into a slight frown, but he didn't look deterred in the slightest. He used the momentum of his descent to charge downwards once again.

Meanwhile, Lavender was beside him and saw everything. Her usually cold face was warmed up by a faint smile as she floated behind Zen. She closed her eyes, and let her pure white arms pass through his underarms.

Her sharp wings formed by the Faith Energy then began to bend constantly. The wings not only wrapped around her, but Zen's whole body as well.

"Go on!" she ordered.


Since Zen was under Lavender's protection now, the speed of his descent suddenly increased several times.

On the other hand, thick lightning strands were repeatedly triggered. The number of exploding lightning balls in the abyss also increased as violent rumbling sounds echoed throughout.

Fortunately, the lightning balls couldn't penetrate the wings, no matter how powerful they were.

Soon enough, they had descended all the way down, and there was no obstruction.

After they passed through the area filled with thunder balls, they were next greeted by thunder spirits with their own will.

The thunder spirits looked strangely adorable as they floated about in the abyss. They sometimes even l

ion, then ordinary things would probably just degrade into a pile of dust.

No matter how Zen looked the house, it was just an ordinary stone house to him. Even a warrior could build one in just a few seconds.

Lavender's eyes fell on one corner of the stone house. "There's a back door," she said.

Zen nodded in response, and opened the door as Lavender requested.

The moment Zen pushed the door open, a strong gravitational force tugged at him.

Lavender felt it too, and wanted to stabilize her body and resist it at first. However, she was shocked when the force had dragged her easily through the small door. She realized that even if she borrowed the Faith Energy, it was useless against this strong pull.

"Wow!" Zen exclaimed.

Both of them now stood beside each other in an unknown space, which was filled with countless stars of various sizes.

"So many stars... Is this an Illusion Space?" Zen asked. The magnificent stars looked like twinkling lamps as Zen marveled at them.

Lavender shook her head and said, "It's not an Illusion Space. Our bodies were pulled inside this place, but the Illusion Space is just a projection."

"These stars seem to be different from the stars in the universe," Zen murmured as he gazed at them.

He had cultivated the Stellar Body, which required him to observe the stars every day. Thus, he was quite familiar with them. While it was impossible for him to count all the stars in the universe, he was sure that the constellations in it weren't arranged in this way.

The stars arranged themselves in an orderly manner in front of them. They looked like a huge whirlpool, which revolved around the center.

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