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   Chapter 1470 The Power Of Incense (Part Two)

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"Enzo." Elena's voice sounded indifferently.

"Yes, my queen." Enzo, the man in the fine clothes, placed his hand on his chest, waiting for the order from his queen.

"Seal off Lavender's Pool of Faith, and then send out Salvador, Viveca, Aneisha, and Elspeth to head for the Dark World!" Elena ordered.

Hearing this order, Enzo looked hesitant. "But what about the Board of Elders…"

"They won't say anything." Elena's face remained expressionless. As the Queen of Punishment, the controller of the court, who would dare to gainsay her now?

"Those who speak against me will join the dead," Elena added.

Sealing the Pool of Faith was a massive taboo.

This was because the three Pools of Faith absorbed the Faith Energy from the trillions of members of the Demon Night, through the three queens' statues every second of every day. This was Lavender's source of power.

Once the Pool of Faith was sealed, it would be impossible for Lavender to extract Faith Energy from her Pool of Faith, and the Faith Energy of the trillions of members would also not be able to replenish her Pool of Faith!

The queens of the Demon Night were not always the same. Lavender would die, and so would Elena, eventually. However, the Demon Night would always have three queens. Once the old queens died, they would choose others to become their new queens.

Strictly speaking, the three Pools of Faith did not belong to any single one of them. They were the most precious and prized possession of the entire Demon Night race…

Forcefully sealing a Pool of Faith would inevitably result in a backlash from the Board of Elders! This was tro

. It would be a priceless find to reclaim the Sacred Thunder Bamboo.

Now that one hundred thousand years had passed, how many inches had the Sacred Thunder Bamboo grown? Had it thrived and become a fantastic and magical forest of bamboo? If Zen could harvest some of the sacred shoots from the Sacred Thunder Bamboo, he could then comprehend even the most powerful and profound mysteries of the sixth layer of the Thunder Law! How incredibly powerful Zen would then become!

But now, Lavender wanted to help Zen quickly pass through the fifth lap since time was now against her!

Perhaps with Zen's own strength, he would also have been able to pass through the fifth lap by himself. However, there was not much time left, and right now, they had to progress as fast as they could. As for the Sacred Thunder Bamboo, they would still have a chance to obtain it after they passed the fifth lap!


Zen swept past the fourth cave at lightning speed, like what he had done with the third one, and then he entered the fifth lap, which was the final circle of the Endless Abyss!

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