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   Chapter 1469 The Power Of Incense (Part One)

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There were many people who worshiped the great Buddha and other deities in all kinds of temples around the universe. The incense just kept on burning continuously, making lazy tendrils of fragrant smoke that wafted through the air.

Belief was held only in the believers' eyes. When there were hundreds and thousands, or even millions of creatures who fell to their knees and burned incense in reverence, even a Buddha made from clay would become their god. Their belief made it so, and gave power to the inanimate.

This was the power of incense, and it worked wonders. In the eyes of the martial artists of the Upper World, the power of incense was just like the power of Faith Energy!

A single belief might be insignificant, but with tens of millions, hundreds of millions, even hundreds of trillions of beliefs converged together, the power would become staggering. It was similar to the way in which countless streams converged into a river, and countless rivers converged into a great river, and then numerous great rivers converged into an ocean, and countless oceans would eventually flow in one direction, and become the Pool of Faith of the Demon Night.

The cultivation of the queens of the Demon Night wasn't even the strongest in the entire universe. The three queens were only equivalent to world lords, but with the Faith Energy absorbed by the countless statues of the queens, and with the Faith Energy gathered from the millions of subjects worshiping them, they had the ability to defeat the Supreme Lords! Belief was their power, perhaps even more so than mere cultivation.

As the Faith Energy continued to gather around Lavender's body, her aura also became increasingly powerful, and the blood-red light in her eyes developed a staggering intensity!

"Now! Break!"

From the depths of the abyss, a stream of thin, blood-red ligh

ghtened as both of his feet stepped on the spear and pushed forward with an extreme force that propelled him forward at an incredible speed!


In this instant, with the momentum gained from the Cold Plum Blood Spear shooting down at him, Zen's speed was at its limit as he surged downwards…

Many supreme worlds away from the Dark World, Elena had a faint smile fluttering on her face. Her ten-foot long dress trailed behind her on the pristine ground.

Behind Elena came a finely-dressed man of the Demon Night. He had silver hair, a handsome appearance, and a lean and lanky body. The biggest difference between him and a human warrior was his long, pointed ears. By the standard of the aesthetics of the Demon Night race, whether or not one's ears were straight up was one of the most important beauty indicators…

The members of the Demon Night were mostly women, and they were usually more talented than male warriors in the group. Thus, in the various supreme worlds where the Demon Night members existed, there were very few men who had achieved the cultivation level of a world lord. This man had a cultivation equivalent to that of a powerful world lord, and was thus considered even more accomplished and rare.

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