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   Chapter 1468 The Ghosts

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Freya knew very well that even if it was a minor problem, she wouldn't be able to solve it for Zen.

Judging from Zen's expression, he had indeed met with quite a big trouble this time. She had to be as supportive as possible since she could do nothing to help.

After the divine texture was activated, a purple light enveloped her as her descent rapidly came to a halt, following which, the purple light brought her upwards rapidly.

Zen's current falling speed was more than three times faster than before, and he was in a highly tense state from the exertion.

He hadn't expected that this trip to the underground palace would bring him so much trouble.

However, nothing was certain in this world. The unexpected was bound to happen, and everyone's life was different. Zen's fate was not predetermined and could not be predicted.

Nevertheless, what Zen was facing now was a serious dilemma, but not a hopeless one.

Now he had to seize the time to explore the Endless Abyss first. Long ago, Lavender had stopped at the fourth lap of the abyss. However, she had come to the conclusion then that there was an even bigger secret hidden in the fifth lap of the abyss. Perhaps that secret could help Zen to escape from his current predicament.

The sound of the wind blew crazily in Zen's ears as his speed became faster and faster in exponential bursts.

Not long after, he saw another stone platform appear in front of him.

"The third cave!" Zen's gaze froze in anticipation and trepidation.

"You don't need to enter it," Lavender stopped him. "There are all kinds of protective treasures scattered around the third cave. Although they are attractive, it will cost a lot of time to obtain them."

As Zen heard Lavender's words, his eyes briefly flashed before he nodded. He did not adjust his position, but continued to descend rapidly, his gaze sweeping past the third cave.

After quickly dashing past the third cave, Zen entered the fourth lap of the Endless Abyss with focus and determination.

"The fourth lap will be a little more troublesome. Be careful," Lavender warned.

"Understood," Zen replied briskly. At the same time, he held his long sword in his hand, and the dragon scales within his body began to light up as well. His body began to accumulate a vast amount of power as he prepared himself for the unexpected.

Lavender, who had stayed inside Zen's body, was equally nervous, but when she noted his serious expression, she suddenly smiled confidently. Although she had warned Zen, she still believed that he would be able to make it through the fourth lap. It had to be said that she had put Zen under a lot of pressure before, in the hopes of preparing him.

'Rest assured, Zen. Anyway, I have already been exposed. I will help you with the remaining path in the abyss, ' Lavender secretly thought.

There were Demon Night martial artists present within the Endless Abyss. Moreover, the Saint Lord of the

special and insidious. Although it did not cause much pain to Zen, other than the cold, he soon felt his reaction speed begin to slow down.


As Zen's speed fell, more ghosts attached themselves to him and clambered all over his body.

Ten, a hundred, a thousand…

Seen from a distance, Zen's figure had completely disappeared. The ghosts clung to each other, tightly wrapping around Zen and forming a huge round ball that slowly fell towards the bottom of the abyss. He seemed to have become completely lost in the ghostly attack.

The bodies of these ghosts were extremely light, but as Zen was wrapped by them, his falling speed had been greatly reduced.

"What should I do?" Still wrapped within the ghosts, Zen knitted his brows in consternation. Even though he could use the Thunder Wind Divine Sword to release lightning, with every lightning bolt being able to annihilate dozens of ghosts, the speed at which he could kill them was far from being able to match the speed at which these ghosts were latching on.

The most troublesome thing was, as the dark energy attacked him, Zen's body and his reactions became slower and slower, and his speed plummeted.

He had tried to expel the dark energy, but it seemed to be useless. The dark energy circulated rapidly throughout his body and even moved through his meridians, approaching his belly with every second that he was being invaded by the ghosts!

Lavender's voice sounded very faint as she spoke from within Zen. She could feel his anxiousness and quietly said, "Let me deal with them."

At this moment, Lavender's figure left the protection of Zen's body, and expanded to overlap with the ghosts. At the same time, a red light passed through the endless space and gathered all over her body.

Previously, Lavender had been afraid of exposing her location, so she did not dare to use her own Pool of Faith. But now, having already been discovered, she no longer feared anything.

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