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   Chapter 1467 Caught In A Dilemma

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Zen's strength was not enough. He had a much longer way to go before being able to protect Lavender.

Hence, the fact that she was hiding within his body was a secret that could not be revealed.

Once Elena found out, there would be an endless pursuit for Lavender. She would not give her even a moment's peace. It had already been quite some time since Lavender had left her throne. It was impossible for her current subordinates to face Elena.

Now was not the time to disclose this secret.

However, when the blood-red Faith Energy refracted on Zen's body, the secret was bound to be out.

Rumble... rumble... rumble...

Under the malicious aura's control, Lincoln relentlessly attacked the golden-haired woman's three-colored light barrier like a rabid beast.

In her distraction, the golden-haired woman had already forgotten to retaliate. Her eyes were fixed on Zen, her forehead creased in confusion.

"My queen? Why did the light refract on a man? What's going on?" she mumbled.

Outside the underground palace, the Saint Lord of the Purple Bamboo Sacred Place watched, her doubtful expression becoming more serious by the second. "Our queen has been missing for a long time. It seems that she has been in the body of this human warrior!"

The expressions of the faces of the Saint Lords of the ogres and humans changed more dramatically.

Not long ago, the two Demon Night queens had been cursing each other with Roaring Tokens. Now, it seemed that the long-missing Queen of Killings had been in this underground palace.

Zen's face darkened. This was a seriously troublesome situation.


The blood-red light vanished as Lavender extinguished the Faith Energy from the distant space. The golden-haired woman's three-colored barrier lost its red ray. However, it still held enough power to block Lincoln's attacks.

It was too late. There was no point in extinguishing the Faith Energy reflected on Zen's body.

Not long after, Elena's manic laughter resounded.

"Hahaha! I thought our little game of cat and mouse would continue for a little while longer. I hadn't expected to catch you so soon. My, my, Lavender. You disappoint me. You turn out to be even more stupid than I thought!" Elena had used the Roaring Token to spread her voice throughout the entire universe. It reached Zen's and Lavender's ears clearly.

Everyone in the universe now knew that the Queen of Killings of the Demon Night had been found.

"My queen, where are you?" Supreme Lord Leroy's voice called out, his tone urgent. He was one of the most powerful among Lavender's old subordinates, and he had been gathering information on Lavender to find her whereabouts. What Elena said caught his attention.

There was a slight shift in Yolande's expression as she watched from within the Mist Palace. Lowering her head, she muttered, "This is bad."

This was an internal affair of the Demon Night. Yolande couldn't interfere. Had it been any other matter,

ming around the walls.

These lights were from the extremely pure Power of Purification!

The specks glistened like snowflakes, swirling gracefully in the depths of the abyss and quickly entering Zen's and Freya's bodies.

The Power of Purification did not have much of an effect on Zen. The malicious aura he absorbed had by now been completely wiped off and sent into the Killing Sword Mountain. However, he felt himself seized by calmness, as if his anxiety was slowly dissipating. The Power of Purification did not only affect one's body but also cleared one's mind.

As the Power of Purification entered Freya's body, the malicious aura in her body began to wane rapidly, the red light in her eyes fading like a mist lifting with the wind.

Not long after, Freya's body was completely freed from the malicious aura, and her expression returned to normal.

"Z-Zen..." Freya called.

Just now, she had fallen into a frenzy. Her mind had been dominated by the malicious aura, so she didn't know what had happened.

"Leave the Endless Abyss," Zen said simply, not elaborating further.

At this, Freya's expression instantly froze. Zen had spoken seriously instead of the cordial way he usually addressed her. She lowered her eyes as she bit her lip and uttered, "Hmm." She knew that she was nothing but deadweight. Her following Zen was holding him back. It made perfect sense that he would want her to leave the underground palace as soon as possible.

Zen watched shadows cross over her features. The tremble in her lips betrayed her emotions even as she answered him in a levelled voice. Zen gave her a reassuring smile and said, "It's not what you think. I have other things to take care of."

"Other things?" Freya asked in a concerned voice.

"You'll find out soon enough." Zen turned back to approach the wall, and with a stomp, sped up his sprint, leaving Freya to stare after his receding figure.

Shaking her head, she activated the divine texture.

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