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   Chapter 1466 The Power Of Three Queens (Part Two)

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"The Power of Three Queens?" Zen was a little nonplussed, given that he wasn't really expecting anything like that.

Nodding her head in response, Lavender went on and said, "There is but a very small number of Demon Night martial artists who are still preserving the ancient bloodline of the clan, giving them the permission to utilize the Faith Energy stored within the three Pools of Faith of the clan. But, why was it that she chose to stay in the Purple Bamboo Sacred Place?"

The three Demon Night queens she had just mentioned were being worshiped by over a trillion clansmen who were following them. Because of that, the Faith Energy was shooting up at a constant rate. Their Faith Energy in particular was quite noteworthy. And the power which they could borrow from the Faith Energy was especially remarkable.

The Faith Energy was all accumulated together and channeled into the three pools.

In addition to the three queens who could freely make use of these three pools as they saw fit, there was a handful of martial artists that possessed the ancient Demon Night bloodline. Meaning to say, all of them were also qualified to borrow the Faith Energy from the aforementioned pools. They might only be able to borrow a fraction of that Faith Energy, but the amount of energy that erupted was still so terrifying.

That being said, not a lot of martial artists possessed the ancient Demon Night bloodline. And once they were identified, they would automatically be recruited into the core sacred places of the Demon Night. With that in mind, why on earth would this golden-haired girl bother staying in the Purple Bamboo Sacred Place in the Dark World?

That was something that kept Lavender at a loss.

After the golden-haired girl was done chanting the

ady been extracted. And before long, the third Faith Energy made its way through the endless space and reached the abyss. In spite of that, something completely unexpected happened. This red light didn't go straight into the golden-haired girl's body, and for some reason, it directly reflected onto Zen's body. After that, it suddenly refracted and surged out towards the girl.


As she witnessed this, even the girl herself had gotten caught in a daze.

But as luck would have it, all of the Faith Energies had already been gathered together, forming a three-colored light barrier that surrounded her whole body.

Even though Lincoln's onslaught was becoming increasingly terrifying, causing the light barrier that materialized to reverberate, it still couldn't manage to shake the light barrier in the slightest.

The girl opted not to fight back. In a state of bewilderment, her gaze was still completely fixated on Zen.

And it wasn't just her who felt that way. At this moment, the Saint Lord of the Purple Bamboo Sacred Place, who was outside the underground palace, had an extremely dreadful look on her face as well, with hesitation written in her eyes.

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