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   Chapter 1465 The Power Of Three Queens (Part One)

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As though they had gotten caught between two iron pincers, Freya's hands were bound. How could she possibly break free?

Having said that, the look on Zen's face became rather alarming. How was he supposed to get rid of the malicious aura in her body?

Initially, the malicious aura was just gradually accumulating, and the speed at which it progressed wasn't really that fast. It was quite possible that there were martial artists who weren't capable of killing a hundred thousand living creatures even after a couple centuries. However, there was a handful of evil martial artists who could lay waste to people in multiple cities in just a short span of time, and they were inclined to pull stunts that angered the people.

But at this moment, there were a lot of martial artists who had accumulated a vast amount of malicious aura at such an alarming rate. How on earth would they be able to get rid of all that?

Even if Zen were to lend Freya a helping hand in leaving the underground palace, the malicious aura residing in her body would still pose a significant threat.

If it came to that, then the Endless Abyss would only end up being a cul-de-sac for them.

At this point, Zen, who had stepped foot into the Killing Sword Mountain, was the only person who could withstand it by making use of the mountain. In the end, the other martial artists started to lose their minds and fight amongst each other. Right above Zen's head, violent energy was fluctuating. If this didn't come to a halt, none of them was going to make it.

As all of these thoughts were running in circles in his head, Lavender told him in his mind, "There's no need for you to worry. Freya is going to be just fine as soon as she gets out of this area. In the past, when I b

this was her best option to get away from it. Unfortunately for her, after safely avoiding it a number of times, Lincoln was able to back her into a corner.

Having been caught in such a situation, a somewhat stern look crept up onto her face. Raising the lantern she was holding, a few unclear words came out of her mouth.

Zen wasn't really able to catch what she was saying, but he noticed that in that moment, the expression on Lavender's face suddenly shifted.

"Oh, no! I have a bad feeling about this. A storm is brewing!"

"Why do you think that?" At present, Zen was at the tail end of the group. In spite of the fights being quite intense, it didn't really have much to do with him.

Based on what Lavender told him, the only thing he had to do was to endure this part. So, right now, he was simply watching the fights from the sidelines. As far as he was concerned, as long as he could keep Freya in check and stop her from taking part in the fights, that would be enough.

"It appears that this girl possesses the ancient Demon Night bloodline! What she's doing right now is summoning the Power of Three Queens!" Lavender said, sounding a bit anxious.

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