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   Chapter 1464 Killing Each Other

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Killing could easily become an addiction. The more lives one took away, the easier it was for the malicious aura to grow deep within.

The red specks of light were highly concentrated malicious aura—a single speck was the result of slaughtering over a hundred thousand living beings. Because they constantly absorbed these specks of light, the great impact on them was undeniable.

Freya's chest was heaving. In her gentle, calm eyes, a glimmer of red light then appeared.

Like the other martial artists, her heart seemed to grow wildly restless. The urge to tear apart every single thing in sight was strong within her. Even as she did her utmost to restrain herself, she could feel her reason gradually fading away.


She condensed a stream of cold air.

Instead of releasing it toward the other martial artists, she made the stream shroud her own body.

The life vitality wasn't to protect herself—merely releasing the cold air was basically the same as cutting herself. In an instant, she was almost completely frozen solid.

The invasion of cold air lifted her spirit, allowing her to maintain a clear mind.

The other martial artists, on the other hand, were already unable to hold themselves back.

The ogre martial artists were the first to launch their attacks.

To begin with, they were naturally extremely bloodthirsty, so the malicious aura within their bodies was already much more than that of other martial artists. Such a massive amount of the aura triggered the already restless blood within them to boil even more.


one of them roared. All his muscles tensed up, his veins bulging like earthworms under his skin. Then, he rammed into a human martial artist beside him.

Small as he might have been beside the ogre, the human didn't want to let himself be outdone so easily. Instead of cowering in fear, he chose to fight the monster head-on.


With a reverberating sound, the two of them collided, only to be repelled at the same time, rebounding against the abyss wall.

Both were severely injured from the collision. Blood flowed from their eyes, ears, noses, and mouths, yet there didn't seem to be a trace of pain on either of their faces. Beating the wall, they attacked each other again with the added force of the impact.

Earlier, when everyone avoided the malicious aura on the wall, they gathered in the center of the abyss. Now, the aura affected them greatly, forcing them into a state of frenzy, stimulating bloodthirsty fights.

"I'm going


"You… Go to hell!"

In a frenzied state, martial artists attacked the persons closest to them. Since Zen stayed by Freya's side, he became her first target.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

As Freya's fingers danced like flying shuttles, transparent ice blades flew toward Zen.

Facing the attack, Zen could only smile wryly. Then, with a wave of his fists, streams of fist radiance appeared.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The first radiance erupted, immediately shattering the ice blades.

As he countered, he managed to move closer to Freya.

With her current strength, she couldn't injure Zen at all. When he got within range, he reached out to grab her.

As Freya had fallen into a frenzy, her fighting instinct had been stimulated to the extreme by the malicious aura. She struggled, twisting her waist and kicking Zen's chest as much as she could. In a flip, two ice hairpins appeared in her hands and pierced toward Zen's ears.

In some ways, malicious aura was rather beneficial to martial artists. It could stimulate their fighting instinct to the absolute limit. The strength Freya was displaying was at least thirty percent better than usual. Such attacks would be difficult for ordinary martial artists to guard against.

But Zen was strong enough to resist. A faint smile still rested on his lips as he tilted his head back to avoid the two ice hairpins Freya had whipped out with the intent to kill him. When she crossed her hands, he grabbed onto her slender arms with a single hand and pulled her toward him.

Even with her hands restrained, she didn't give up resisting. Instead, she twisted her hands in another attempt to break free from Zen's grasp.

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