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   Chapter 1463 The Malicious Aura In The Abyss

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Zen grabbed Livingston and thrust him into his spirit beast bag. His gaze scanned the bag to make sure he had placed him well.

The other warriors had traces of envy on their faces...

They were not sure if Livingston's weapon refining skills were truly that stupendous. However, he did just mention that he was the one who had refined the bunch of ancient treasures before them.

The ancient treasures were not low-rank weapons. A weapon refiner like him would be extremely sought after in any tenth grade sacred place.

Even if Livingston was a swindler, he could at least unravel the secrets of the underground palace after living here for so many years as a puppet.

Now that Zen had simply picked up Livingston and thrown him into his spirit beast bag, the other warriors were naturally unhappy.

However, they could do nothing about it. Zen did not plan to reveal anything about what he was up to. Obviously, he did not want Livingston to disclose too many secrets, so he threw him into the spirit beast bag at the first opportunity…

Besides the martial artists of the three sacred places, the three Saint Lords outside of the underground palace were also upset to see what Zen had done.

The Saint Lord of the human race shook his head and said, "This boy is going too far. He shouldn't want everything for himself!"

A weapon refiner able to refine divine weapons was an important asset in any tenth grade sacred place. The Saint Lords were most aware of this. The shortage of divine weapons in Magnolia Sacred Place was a constant source of burden for its Saint Lord.

Although Magnolia Sacred Place was responsible for a part of the trade, it was only a trade channel for the Humanity Alliance. They did not get any real benefits.

"Ha! For now, just let him take everything he wants in the Endless Abyss. It seems this kid has come into a fortune, but he still has to leave the underground palace. I want to see if he can make it out of the Dark World alive!" the Saint Lord of the ogre race said, an ugly sneer on his face.

These words caused the human Saint Lord to frown. "No matter what, the boy is from the thirteen palaces. If he can return here safely, I will ensure that he also leaves this place safely. Don't ever entertain that idea again…"

Zen, who was in the underground palace, was naturally not privy to this discussion. After he stuffed Livingston into his spirit beast bag, he called Freya and left the cave. As for the pile of ancient treasures, Zen did not even spare them a single glance.

Hearing Zen call her, Freya hurriedly collected a few ancient treasures before following him contentedly.

Silently, she calculated how many life vitality jades these ancient treasures could be exchanged for. Just


But usually for the martial artists, the malicious aura in their bodies was within the range of their control. For the martial artists who practiced evil cultivation methods, it was a different case. They were required to kill more creatures in order to gather more malicious aura…

When the malicious aura in them accumulated over time, inner demons and all sorts of demonic barriers appeared in their hearts. Especially, when one cultivated, it was easy for the cultivator to go wrong in his martial arts cultivation and spiral into madness.

But because martial artists were used to living with their malicious aura, the one in the abyss should not have affected them much, even though it was strong. After all, the aura was not within their bodies. Facing its turbulence, many of the martial artists were a bit nervous, but they were not afraid.

However, not long after, they discovered that they were completely wrong.

As they continued their descent, the malicious aura in the abyss became increasingly thicker. At first, the blood-red light only flowed along the cracks in the walls of the abyss. But as everyone continued to fall, the malicious aura condensed into red specks of light that floated around the abyss.

The specks of light could be seen everywhere. Even if the warriors gathered toward the center of the abyss, they could not avoid them. They kept colliding with Zen and the other warriors.

Once someone came into physical contact with these red specks of light, the malicious aura would enter into the martial artist's body and be instantly absorbed…

At first when they absorbed a few specks of light, the warriors did not feel anything. But as the number increased, they became more agitated. Their hearts beat wildly and they felt as if they wanted to tear everything around them into pieces.

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